A Massive Over-Simplification Of The Army vs The Police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bromhead, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. From page 23 of today's Sun by Fergus Shanahan. Here are a few extracts from the aforementioned piece of journalism. Bear in mind he gets paid to write this stuff.

    "Our Cops Are Also Heroes"

    "Here's a tale of two brave men that has got me puzzling.

    .....One is Dean fisher, a squaddie who helped kill 200 Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.
    The other is the cop who shot a man dead this week during an armed raid in Kent.

    .....The squaddies duties are well defined. He attacks the enemy, with medals and glory if he kills plenty of bad guys

    .....Yet the risks he [The policeman] faces on our streets are often every bit as real as the risks facing our troops

    .....Its a strange world where we cheer the bravery of Dean Fisher but ask awkward questions when equally courageous cops do their duty on a frontline nearer home."

    The police marksman was also apparently the man who pulled the trigger to kill Jean Charles De Menezes.

    Bear in mind that the "squaddie" he is talking about was part of the Fusilier coy that spent 107 days under seige in Afghanistan as reported in yesterday's Sun.

  2. No comparison really or anything to discuss.

    Squaddie: under siege and shot at, away from home, living rough
    Copper: shot one guy, whilst in the UK, can go home, can get pissed, can get laid!
  3. They do have something in common... they can both be prosecuted..although the policeman usually isn't.
  4. All the more reason why i wont by the Scum anymore as the reporters do not live on this planet.

    The Copper shot dead the only armed target in the area
    The Squaddie has 1000's of taliban trying to kill him

    Sun by Fergus Shanahan. = lies and proper gander to get more to by the scum not to support anyone. If suddenly the popular support was for suicide bombers and thats what people wanted the Scum would support them. This paper as all most as two faced as Tony B Liar and good old Gordon Brown nose

    Sorry rant over who wants the soap box next.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Copper gets decent salary and a great pension, mind you most of them have right tossers in command. 8) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. also this is the same policeman that killed the innocent guy last year some time on the underground.

    calling the army's job 'easy to define' is ridiculous, and saying the police here are in as much danger as the army there is pathetic. For one in AFG people are trying to kill at any cost, and in the bank yesterday the guy wanted money and probabally wouldn't have set out to kill anyone, Just read the casualty lists. The comparison is stupid, oppertunistic, and offensive :x

    however saying all that, i'm not going to slate the guy (policeman) afterall his job isn't easy and by all accounts yesterday he did the right thing. So good job to him, but they shouldn't even start to compare the two.

    I hate the scummy rag same as everyother liverpool fan
  7. It's in the Sun, so you don't need to treat it as serious journalism. For that, you'd be better off with the Daily Sport.
  8. I am not an infanteer (far from it) and so am in no position to draw comparisons between the infantry and any other organisation armed or otherwise. Similarly I am not a policeman and will not compare the police to anyone else. Maybe the Sun ought to take a leaf out of my book 8) !

    What I hope The Sun is trying to do is detract from the 'Stockwell Policeman Kills Again' headlines which avoid the point that his job makes it quite likely that he'll have to kill people and that this time he got it right. Unfortunately, as per usual, they have gone about it in an exaggerated and poorly informed manner.
  9. However i'm sure those with operational experience will agree. Somebody pointing a weapon at you ist still somebody pointing a weapon at you. Fair enough. The more weapons the worse it is.

    However would you say that a squaddy hadn't really had the pressure on if he was doing a hard knock and zapped someone in a room???
  10. Don't think I understand the problem. My view is
    1 We will always need police and troops.
    2 There is no co-relation between the two. Coppers do police work and soldiers do military work. Even where troops act in support of civil powers they do it in a military manner.
    3 The working environment of each is dissimilar. Their training and supervision reflects this.
    4 Even where a soldier satisfactorialy becomes a copper, he takes very little Army training into his new life. Attitudes and some techniques maybe but relationships between colleagues and towards 'enemy' is no way similar.
    5 Trying to compare us and them is apples and pears.
  11. I sometimes find that in this cotton wool wrapped country we live in, that some people are actually quite surprised to find out that soldiers kill and that every now and then a police man has to do so as well.

    Some people truly do need to wake up and smell the coffee.
  12. 'ey!! don't drag ME into this!!

    i'm sure you mean propaganda - (pedant mode off)
  13. For which they pay 12% or so of their salary for 30 years.

    But everyone's right, you cannot compare the two jobs, they are not even remotely similar.
  14. True that. I loved the quote from the RSM of 3 Para when interviewed by the Beeb after the bn returned. The interviewer asked him about combat and how it had been and he replied, completely dead-pan: "we're paratroopers, this is what we do for a living.".
  15. On the other hand, a troop has a reasonable expectation that he's going to be in a position where he needs to shoot almost every day he's outside the wire. Most armed cops never shoot in their whole careers, so they need to make the jump to 'threat' much more suddenly.