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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mrrandom, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. 2012 the coalition falls apart, a general election is called

    people sick of the cuts believe a massive change is needed and elect an otherwise unknown right of centre party- the United Union

    there first act is to put Prisions and policing in the hands of the armed forces

  2. An utter disaster waiting to happen, if it was ever even slightly feasible.

    We can turn our hands to a lot of things but we're not the police, we're not remotely qualified to do their job (aside, of course, from a few of us) and I doubt we have the numbers to do it effectively anyway.

    It's one of those things that sounds great as a pissed up discussion in the NAAFI about shooting chavs, but if you think about it sensibly for a minute you realise how completely ridiculous it would actually be.
  3. would you agree that some in the press/public would love the idea of a additional uniformed presence on the streets

    and a uniformed disciplined body running prisons
  4. I'm sure they would, but considering most of the UK press is written by the kind of mouth breathing moron who can't walk and breath at the same time and read by the kind of mouth breathing moron who can't walk and breath at the same time that's just another argument against it.
  5. There is a uniformed disciplined body running prisons but unfortunately they were cut by the last Tory govt. and the last Labour govt. The wages are poor and i'm sure Ken Clarke will be privatising them again - not that it worked well last time.
    I can't imagine your average squaddie would know much about prisons or restraint but prisoners know the rights they have.
  6. Dagenham girl pipers are a disciplined uniformed body.
  7. It's also a strong argument against democracy itself, as Winston Churchill noted.

    Academic in any case. Unless AQ do us all a favour and sail a Nuke up the Thames just in time for PMQ's, we're stuck with the same bunch of lairs, cheats, retards, whores, cowards and traitors for years to come. And this once great nation will continue to die a slow and humiliating death.

  8. Mmmmmm. Disciplined by the Dagenham Girl Pipers. Now there's a thought.
  9. Sorry mrrandom, the only thing I like about this is the bird in your sig block.
  10. fair play was just an idea i wanted to disucuss, and yes she has cracking knockers
  11. Trouble is, the people you would probably want to run the prisons would probably still be busy in Afghanistan. The obvious choice of manpower pool would be those who are currently in line for redundancy. A large chunk of these will be Crabs and Matelot Wafoos. Still seem like a good idea?
  12. To be serious for a moment, and leaving aside any moral considerations, the whole idea is a non-starter for some very good practical reasons. For one, there simply are'nt enough soldiers to preform the job.

    The only way I see anything like this happening is if an unprecedented disaster/attack took place. I'm talking tens of thousands of UK citizens dead or injured. Specifically, most of our so-called leaders would have to be among the victims.

    Fantasy Football time: An elite, highly trained Al Queda terrorist cell sails a boat up the Thames. On board is a Nuke, sold to Al Queda by the Russian Mafia. the Al Queda team have spent years training and preparing for this one moment. The most spectacular act of terrorism the world will ever see. Security is unbreakable. No one knows they are coming. Their dedication is absolute, unshakeable. They will die for their beliefs without a moment's hesitation.

    The team leader takes out a cell phone. No need to call anyone; he and the rest of the team have been carefully selected. None of them have close family still alive. The 'phone has never been used before. It's only purpose now is to detonate the Nuke. The rest of the team watch their leader. Just over his shoulder they can see the Houses of Parliament...before they close their eyes and whisper, "Allah Akkbar!"

    The Nuke works perfectly. Parliament is destroyed almost instantly, and the terrorists have chosen their time well; every member of the government and most of the opposition is packed into the Chamber for PMQ's. Thousands die in the streets surrounding parliament. Millions of people, in London and across the rest of the UK as news spreads, begin to panic. Riots break out as people try to flee the city, or fight for food and bottled water. There is not a single member of Government left alive. Terrifyingly, the most senior UK politician is Alex Salmond...

    So, in a situation like that, with no Government left, what's the protocol? Who takes charge, CGS? The Queen? The Met Com?
  13. met commisioner and city commisioner would be little more then shadows in that situation

    my best guess is london would be sealed off as dead ground, and a new capital declared somewhere else, billions (possibly trillions) in aid would flood in from everywhere

    my personal opinion is it'll never happen, it'd allow for the gloves to be fully removed, bollocks to waterboarding the new UK gov would (once again in my personal opinion) launch massive (possibly nuke) strikes against any nation they felt was involved with very little that could be said about it from the international community

    of course i could be talking out of my arse but thats what i think
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    All you'll end up with is a prison 10 years behind schedule and £500 million over budget
    I've often wondered why they don't give the forces the automatic option of joining the Poilce, Fire, Prison or Ambulance services.
    You could leave the forces and go straight in and carry over your pension etc
  15. funny you should say that i have a mate whos done 20 + years in the forces and it looks like hes going to struggle to get into london ambulance - not enough practical experiance if i remeber correctly what he told me