A Man's Guide to Women - The Hot Crazy Matrix

At last, women explained on a graph. No wonder this bloke is armed!

Should be compulsory viewing for any bloke approaching puberty and recent divorcees!.

The only flaw I can see on the model is the instantaneous impact of a Wedding ceremony, where a sudden and dramatic move towards the "Crazy Line" is experienced.



Well watched that on a small mobile device so hard to tell but at the start looks like our man is carrying in terms of a belt holster.

He may well need it
I think the model needs another axis, like a cube, called " length of relationship/ marriage" showing the inevitable creep towards the crazy line and in particular the irreversible spike towards the crazy line caused by a marriage ceremony.

Also disappointed that he failed to discuss the dramatic and dangerous effect of Beer Goggles.
I'm such a hypocrite. I shared this via secret message to my oppos on faceache as I didn't want to annoy the feminists I know and want to ****
Piece of advice given to me by a very senior manager 14 years ago: "keep it commercial".

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