A Manhattan Nasal Wax

Now then very soon I have to go to NYC to schmooze some Manhattan types – I am told through reliable sources that the current must have craze is a nasal hair wax, apparently its all the rage, hurts worse than road cone buggery first time, but guarantees that no nasal foliage disgusts the natives.

Normally I don’t go in for this sort of ‘metro sexual’ thing but this time its business – any hints or suggestions from the floor? Any one know of any salons in Europe that can oblige? I don’t want to have it done while I am in the States in case they notice me crying like a girl while stemming a heavy nose bleed (I must not look like a first timer).

Or should I post this in the Officers forum?


Jesus that sounds like fun :cry: how do you get a wax strip up your nose?
whats wrong with the good old braun nose and ear shaver.
or my peronal favorite a big crusty bogey :D
I am informed that clippers just don't do the job properly - and the type of New Yorker I'll be with can sense these things, a wax it has to be


What kind of nasal fetish types do you work with then?
Do you have to smell things for a living?...... i've got it your a perfume tester :wink:
Armchair, I'm getting worried about you mate, that's two threads asking about the removal of hair. I think someone is taking the p1ss out of you.
Try running out of fags and attempting to light a dog-end with a badly adjusted bic lighter.

It gives the same result, but is a lot cheaper, and doesn't sound nearly as gay as having your nose waxed.


Careful it can go horribly wrong.


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