A man trapped in the wrong units body?

Right, I'm quite pissed at the moment and every time I am this is something I always end up thinking about.
I joined about six months ago and am in a corps unit but I have (for better or worse) a strong pull towards infantry soldiering.
My question is, has anyone joined, thought, this unit is a bag of arrse and thought they should have joined something else?
Hmmm, Actually I suppose my real question is, if i wasn't happy at a unit and thoguht I'd be more use/prefer to be elsewhere how would I go about making a move?
Would i have to leave completely? or could i do it in the system?
For the record, it's nothing to do with the people in my unit, they're sound. Its just i feel it lacks SOMETHING, a cameraderie whatever and I feel that an Infantry unit has it better from what I've seen so far.
Of course, the beer has taken effect so I could be talking poo, so feel free to tell me right or wrong....
Dead certain it can be done within the system (certainly can in the Regular Army)  best bet would be talk it through with someone.  Depends on the personalities in your unit but the badge or 2IC would be a start if they are apprachable.  Failing that the QM if you have them in your Sqns.

I am assuming you are TA.   However, if regular, you need to think if you do really want to be in the infantry (nowt against them- honest) but make sure you are not being swayed by all the sexy grunting being shown on TV.  Bear in mind there is a certain lack of variety in the normal infantry soldiers life and hence another Corp may offer someting a little more exciting with a bit of variety.

I am biased as I was an orifice in the Sappers so you may want to ask advice on the infantry thread.  

I'm sure someone in the TA can offer better advice on how to go about it once you make your mind up but I thought I'd throw my tuppence in anyway

Were you in the infantry before? I ask, because I was and having joined a corps, it did take about four exercises before I realised that I could take my boots off before getting into my sleeping bag and hexy telly is just a fond memory....

Dinger, you can transfer between TA units, I don't think it's a drama.

Yes Infantry can be sexy, throwing Grenades and OBUA and all that good stuff, but it depends what region you're in. I'm informed some TA Inf get to play with Milan and tool about the ulu in Warriors. I've been in nearly 10 years, and got a Warrior ride once. (More 432)
Same with heli's etc.

The best advice I can offer, is if your fitness is up to scratch, then get an attachment with an Inf. unit on annual camp or an exercise, and try it before you transfer. Age is also a factor. Infantry is a young mans game, believe me :)

However, you say you've only been in 6 months, so have you been to an Annual camp yet? Things tend to change dramatically, when you exercise for a prolonged period in your war role.


I'll echo all of the above,  I'm in a Corps, I joined the RE, I then spent about 9 months playing infantry to get my knowledge and skills upto scratch before going to Sandhurst.

Whilst the infantry thing was great fun at the time, we were doing all the intresting stuff, every weekend was an exercise with at least 4-5 section to platoon level contacts and probably a CTR or ambush thrown in for a laugh, it was great fun but I don't imagine that the average Inf unit is doing this stuff every trg weekend.  Although all infanteers out there please contradict me.

Whilst life in a corps may appear more sedate and certainly in our mob most weeknight trg is spent doing equip care and prep, when we do go on exercise it is every bit as interesting and varied as being an infanteer and to be perfectly honest with the demands that are placed on sappers when the rest of the brigade gets to play with us we find ourselves tasked up the ying yang with no rest and a $hitload of hard work.

I wouldnt give that post ex feeling up for anything, I never got that sense of achievement from wandering around the countryside making a lot of noise every 30 mins or so.

I'm  not having a dig at anyone, just trying to say that you need to spend a bit of time on exercise with your unit, Summer is coming, wait till after camp and see if you have changed your mind, if not then speak to you troop management and see about getting attached to the local inf unit for a couple of months and see if the grass really is greener.  

Whatever your decision the bottom line is that whilst we all have a natural desire to retain people within our own capbadge, The TA in general can't afford to loose trained recruits, no matter how inexperienced.If the unit you're in doesn't float your boat get out there and find one that does.


Mr Happy

You can transfer.  Approach new unit for an interview, they contact old unit asking permission to have you.  Old unit gives interview to make sure you're not leaving for a dodgy reason.  Hand in kit.  Go to new place, get new kit.  Paperwork should turn up about two years later.

Whether Bn or Regt. I'm not sure which had more comadarie now.  Be aware that switching jobs after six months might not be seen as a good thing unless you've a good reason (moving). Pleading lack of motivation at the old place will pi*s off your old boss (not a bad thing if it is true) but could indicate lack of staying power to new boss (concentrate during interview that this is not true).

Just tell 'em you get a hard on for SUSATs!
Even changing units in the same corps can be for better or worse. I joined a great unit which unfortunately was sacrificed to save another in the SDR, which most of us ended up in rather than leave, and is a load of arrse!

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