A MAN SV question for CH512O or Man at Man

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Smucking-FartARRSE, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Don't know if any of the above named MAN gurus (or anyone else for that matter) can answer the following question?

    What I am after is the ditch crossing ability of MAN SV, I have been informed that it is 1.8 metres.

    I cannot find anything at work (dii), the above info came from a work colleague (out of his head?), I need the correct info to save making a cnut out of myself.

    So, in short, can all the current in-service 3 axled MAN's bridge the above?

    Thank you in advance for any confirmation on this.
  2. depends what variant it is but the 8x8 variant ditch crossing distance is 1.8 metres
  3. sorry my bad didnt read the rest of the post, will go and look for 6x6 variant stats
  4. Surely it depends on the speed of said Man SV, and the angle of the ramp? Have you not seen road trip??
  5. Always one isn't there? :roll: Everyone knows you don't need ramps, ramps are for gays - nitrous oxide injection system from stores, bob's yer uncle.

    Now I've got that off my chest, lets get the thread back on track.

    Ditch crossing ability (without any modifications :wink: ) of MAN SV 6 legger?
  6. Ditch crossing capability???? Not sure that is written down on any spec's, public or not.
    Only thing i can get my hands on here at home is departure, approach and underbelly angles.
    But for the HX58 its:

    I suppose, due to the fact of 1 front axle on the 58, its the underbelly angle that comes into effect for crossing ditches.
  7. i got the 1.8m ditch cross info from a pdf file available on the MAN military vehicle site although it only really seems to refer to the HX77 8x8 chassis.

    But thinking about it now if its a 6x6 it aint gonna have any ditch crossing ability as it only has one front axle therefor would nose dive into the ditch and get stuck.

    The ditch crossing figures will be specifically for 8x8's as theres 2 front axels therefore while one would be in the ditch the other would still have traction.

    Hopefully doing you proud CH lol
  8. Thats what i was thinking, in theory the Underbelly figure comes into play as the line from the bottom of the front tyre to the underside of the vehicle. You will notice that a lot of SV's that have done a fair bit of decent x-country have the underun protection bar near the fuel tank/storage locker is bent slightly.
  9. but even if the front wheel went into the ditch there wouldnt be enough traction to get back out depending on the ground, therefore

    ditch crossing distance = less than diameter of front wheel
    whatever that would be
  10. Depends how wide the ditch is. The truck will keep pushing forward until the forward wall is reached. Then either , depending how tall the ditch wall is it will drive up or the front sloped underbelly by tow hook will dig in....going no where. But then really if its a small ditch, not too wide you should approach at an angle. And if its too big, avoid!! :wink:
  11. oh well was trying to impress with a bit of logic but nevermind
  12. Can someone in the know post a list of the vehicles unladen weights please, we're due to have a new hoist fitted soon and I'd hate to see money wasted on one that wasn't MAN enough......... :D
  13. Question first...will you get at anytime Theatre Entry Standard SV? Those with all the Armour etc.
    But assuming you wont.....

    Max GVW (design) HX60 19,5t, HX58 28t , SX44, 28t, HX77 36t

    These shouldnt of changed much as this is from 2007 and i have given you the design weights to be on safe side. The legal weights are less. But ideally approach GSV IPT at Abbey Wood and contact the ILS Manager. He can give you more help on the Wksp side of life.