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A man goes to the doctor.............

A man goes to the doctor. He say "Doc, my cock is bright orange and smells of cheese"!

Doc replies "Pop out your old chap and lets have a look then". He inspects the said appendage and site back in his chair dumb-founded.

"I have never seen this before, let me consult the medical journal". He reads for a while and then proclaims he is none the wiser and he doesnt know what it is.

"It must be stress related, tell me about your home life"?

The man says "My wife is a 23 year old super model sex maniac, my mortgage is paid, my kids are in top private schools and I have just bought a new S Class with cash".

"Not your home life then mate, tell me about work, does it stress you"? Says the doc.

"My boss is pussy, I work flexy hours, 4 days a week, expense acount and I am on 200K per year" replies the man.

The doc looks at him and says "Cant be work causing stress then, tell me what you do in your spare time"?

The bloke replies................ "I watch porn films and eat Wotsits"!

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