A Major Defence Prime Contractor requires 9 x Sys Engineers

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by msr, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    This landed in my in box today:
    Job Outline 1

    Systems Engineer/Architect x5

    Skills and Experience:


    Substantial industrial experience (post graduation) in telecoms or satcom system design and technical management.

    System architectural design (including experience of UML in this area)

    Skills and Experience:


    Substantial industrial experience (post graduation) in telecoms or satcom system design and technical management.

    Experience in at least two of the following areas:

    · User requirements analysis

    · System modelling and performance analysis

    · End-to-end Military communications systems

    · Satcom

    · Network architecture design

    · EPM modems

    · Management systems (Customer Relationship Management, billing)

    · Multiple access protocol applications

    · IP networks

    · Secure architectures

    Job Outline 2

    Systems Engineer x 2

    Systems Engineer required to assist with the sub-contract management of the Management Segment of a Military Satellite project.

    (To give you an idea of what a Management Segment does, if you imagine a TV studio with lights, sound equipment and various different telecomm’s, switches, routers and modems inc. power levels, then that will give you an idea.)


    · Monitor the management System delivery plan

    · Responsible for the delivery of the Management System components for the terminal build including release documentation

    · Contribute to Configuration Management Process Improvement



    · Understanding of management aspects of large communications systems.

    · Experience in change management

    · Successful execution of similar role on a major communications or military equipment programme

    Job Outline 3

    Systems Engineer -Management Segment x 2

    · Participate to Management Segment NRB, weekly status meeting to review Requirements and design non-compliances

    · Understand and address priorities for resolution of non-compliances

    · Involve Key SE Experts to ensure appropriate resolution and raise changes where needed

    · Maintain tracking sheets recording status and progress

    · Review proposals with subcontractors

    · Review and agree the Service Release content, aligned to deliver priorities.

    Essential Skills Required for the Job:

    · Understanding of management aspects of large telecommunications systems.

    · Experience in change management

    Desirable: Proactive in identifying and realising solutions

    Previous Experience:

    Successful execution of similar role on major

    communications or military equipment programme

    Location: Portsmouth/Stevenage

    Duration: 6 -12months rolling

    Rate: £30 - £45 p/h

    Contact: James.Peters@CloseResource.com

    Disclaimer: If I 'refer a friend' I get £250, which I will happily split with SSAFA - if that sounds fair, then let me know that you are applying.

  2. CV on its way as we speak
  3. Paradigm or Astrium?
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    All that experience and they're only paying £30 - £45 p/h? Doesn't sound that good to me.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Must be Astrium, with those locations.
  6. off topic, what’s the difference?(manufacturer?)
  7. EADS Astrium (who I worked for once when it was Matra Marconi Space) in Portsmouth and Stevenage design and manufacture satellites and subsystems for commercial and military use including parts of Skynet 5.

    Paradigm is a company who was formed by EADS (parent company of Astrium) to act as prime contractor for the Skynet5 private finance initiative in response to the UK MOD's contract award.

    Paradigm program manages the system design and operates the system. Astrium are subcontracted to built part of the system and may have built part of the ground station infrastructure.

    Astrium was a good enough company to work for. Usual good and bad points. I don't know about Paradigm.

    I guess that as they have just launched Skynet 5, they must be looking to design the next stage already as the can take 10 years from drawing board to launchpad :roll: