A Ltd Edition 'Soldiers at Sunset' Shirt in XL

In this auction you can bid for a Ltd Edition 'Soldiers at Sunset' Shirt.

It is brandnew and still in the package, in orange colour and size XL.

The item was kindly donated by Double_Duck.

Please note that the auction will run until 11th November 16:00 hrs UK time.


I'll start with 20 of the finest pound coins known to man
Damn you tin man!

I will sit quietly for a few days and hatch a plan!
35 from me.

go on then , i bid £40.
A Shit Drills T-Shirt. Sky Lining Remfs.!


Kit Reviewer
A Shit Drills T-Shirt. Sky Lining Remfs.!
Artistic license old boy. It wouldn't be as effective a shirt if it was a picture of a sniper hide with a Ghilie'd up sniper pair 3 metres back from a treeline. That would just be a shirt with a picture of trees on it.
I'm not sure I even want to claim the above posts as Wah's but I will anyway.
It's ****, and I have loads of t-shirts, but will offer £50.

It says Dale on my t-shirt, so I can do what I want.

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