A lovely way to say goodbye...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Benny687, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Right then,

    Before I bugger off to depot at the weekend, I've got to tell the bint that has been the bane of my existence for the better part of a year to 'go away'.

    In a nutshell - shes gorgeous, and a c*nt.

    Aside from the obvious "I did your sister/mother/grannys decomposing corpse" or a swift half brick to the jaw, does anyone have an decent quick ways to accomplish this in style?

  2. Just tell her your popping out for a pint of milk ... and then never see her again.
  3. FFS man up and tell the girl you love her!
  4. Just tell her shes that bad, sh'd never satisfy a crabfat, let alone a real man.
  5. Benny, just tell her it was fun while it lasted, but being tag teamed by Kes and Scoobs is a far better proposition :D
  6. He's not man enough for one of us never mind both!
  7. Seriously, every thread with an RAF thread? One of them raped your sister or something?

    Keep them coming, and sod off kes you poisoning git!
  8. just tell her you posted naked / kinky pics of her on here

    and either she will dump you

    or you will see her in a different light
  9. Do the manly thing and get her to dump you.
  10. well you didn't take my initial advice which was just to call her and tell her to f*ck off, so just admit you love her you wuss :D
  11. The C word coupled with the "gorgeous" imply that she's high maintenance... Explain to her that she will be required to wear jeans, T shirt and desert wellies, no make-up and her hair short or long depending on what it is currently. That the other women just don't like the "pretty girls" unless they go both ways and enjoy the wild sex parties in MQ's...

    That will either:-

    1. get rid of her
    2. find out her true colors
    3. determine that she is, in fact, an undercover scum journie that's willing to do anything for the story at which point, having had every squaddie you can find abuse all her holes you can, reasonably, point out that "it isn't working"...


    Or you could just introduce her to a Rockape... You'll be dropped like the loser you are... :D
  12. Benny is probably what the Yanks call "Pussy Whipped".
  13. Just tell her that a couple of years ago you went down with genital warts and, whilst they haven't returned of late, and there's no obvious sign of them, that the virus will forever lie dormant in your system and that it's odds on that she will at some point display crusty and contagious growths on her flaps.
  14. Dude, you know and i know that wouldnt happen. Rockapes arent that appealing to the laydeez. Come to the infantry mon ami and we'll show you good trapping skills.
  15. C'mon, you know the drill. "Look, it isn't you, it's me. You're just too nice for me." Endex.