A look at newly-adapted Chinook for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by spike7451, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP


  2. Ill try to put this simply

    Most helecopters in service were designed to operate at relitivly low levels i.e. 2 or 3000 ft above sea level, where the air is quite dense, in Afghanistan they are operating well above these hights this means that they cannot carry large loads and full fuel ect so more powerfull engines will hopefully enable the Chinook fleet to operate with higher loads at these high alltitudes
  3. For Info

    Source: Topography - Afghanistan - average, growth, crops http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/Asia-and-Oceania/Afghanistan-TOPOGRAPHY.html#ixzz0cWDbJ8i6

    Felt a bit weezy, when I first got there.... but then again that might have been the fact that it was also -40 at night :D

  4. Funny thing is that it took the Canadians four months to aquire six Chinooks, it took the Afghan National Army Air Corps 35 days to aquire four new Mi 17s , but it took the MOD the best part of 15 years from the first order to aquire 8 Chinooks, info from Airforces monthly Magazine, amazing
  5. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    And they got them a lot cheaper than the British payer Tax paid for ours!!
  6. Any one know what these New Engines are ?
    Must put my neck on the chopping bloke and say I think it will turn out to be the Normal Allison T 55 with the Fuel Control Unit er 'Tweaked'.
    Old T 55 mech.
  7. They're T55-714, jon - can't recall off the top of my head what the changes/improvements are beyond the standard headline statement that the engines are more powerful.
  8. The T 55 is an old and proven Gas Turbine.
    Like it's 'Baby brother' the T 53, as fitted to the Huey, it would be easy to "Turn up the Power" by a quick adjustment on the Fuel Control Unit.
    This would cause the Compressor to run faster and the Jet pipe temp to increase.
    I will have to assume that internal redesign has taken place to allow this increase to be kept within new limits.
    It's over 20 years ago that I read Chickenhawk, but I still remember the Pilot saying how good his mechanic was, for his engine would give more torque and so enable his Huey to lift more.
    Very easy to do but absolutely forbidden as it just 'Burns' out the engine quickly.
    Mind you in a Real all out War with cabs having a short life, memory says the Yanks lost over 4,000 Huey's in Nam, I suppose it one of those things that happen.
  9. Amazing what Google will tell you if you put in T 55-714.

    "The new T55-714A engines deliver 4,868 horsepower each, enabling the CH-47F to reach speeds in excess of 175 mph and transport up to 21,016 pounds. As a point of comparison, the original CH-47A’s twin T55-L7 engines generated 2,650 SHP each, and the CH-47D’s T55-L-712 turboshaft engines produced 3,750 SHP. This power increase is especially useful in hot and high-altitude conditions. Chinook-Helicopter.com has more pictures and information concerning the T55 engine family."

  10. much like they did with the Wolf then.

    MoD says 'The Wolf has an upgraded Land Rover 300Tdi Engine'

    Reality 'The Wolf has a Land Rover 300Tdi with a properly calibrated manual fuel pump, rather than a badly calibrated electric one'

    A mod which Land Rover specialists JE Engineering do for about £400 IIRC.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great mod. That and JE's 'Stage 2' mod push the properties of the Tdi to that of the Td5. But re-calibrating a fuel pump is hardly an 'upgraded engine'!!
  11. Bloody hell lads who gives a toss about the engine details.All that matters is a few more cabs out in Helmand. You geeks need to get out more.
  12. Geek Geek my arsse.
    Silly stupid boy.
  13. Yep silly stupid boy, that needs more cabs in ganners and doesnt give a toss about what engine they have.
  14. Oh right, I presume you to actually want them to work when they get there?
    You know, get to the place you want them carrying the gear you would like to hope it should be?
    In which case the engine question is quite important :D
  15. A chinook without decent engines in high country is about as much use as a shipping container cos it wont fly. Some of the older models the Septics had there would only carry about half a doxen bodies, and had to do running take offs as the could not hover