A look at Banksys recent exhibition in Bristol.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by tripster, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. I think his work is great!
  2. mmhm, i queued for about 3 hours to get in, glad i did though cos it was awesome.
  3. It's all very arch and knowing isn't it. Wonder how long it will all last after the jokes get old.
  4. Banksy's work IS great. His book "Banksy, Wall and Piece" always cheers me up, as he seems to cok a snook at authority. Always smile at the thought that Cops and street cleaners would go "Oh fcuk, Banksy's been here..." when happening upon his "art" :lol: There's a map of his work here:

    Banksy - Top 6 current London locations
    "BLUE PIN - still there, RED EXCLAMATION gone. The best guide to Banksy's London locations is Martin Bull's 'Banksy Locations and Tours' book..."

    See also http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/banksy/Banksy_faq.htm

    Banksy's Bristol
  5. That is all very good. I have always admired his work.
  6. Any art that actually makes people think is destined to remain in the public eye, especially when it is topical and time constrained - imagine if you were a history teacher in 50 years time and wanted to look at nineties or naughties Britain, whose work would you turn to? It's how I came to know Picasso's work (my history teacher introduced my class to Guernica when we covered 20th Century European History at school, it stimulated a lifelong interest in Spanish art) Banksy will be around for a while no fear of that.
  7. Banksy is a fückin' genius in every sense of the word! It's actually a comparatively recent development that art's been used in a broad way to draw attention to social anomalies and injustices in such an open fashion. Banksy is the foremost proponent of that, in my opinion. I'd love to meet the man personally, I bet his views are just mind-blowing!

  8. He charged Bristol City Coucil £1.00, provided all security tapes of him setting it up were destroyed.
  9. When you see what 'artists' are doing these days such as Tracey Emin you appreciate Banksy's work more, it has a point, it isn't being listed for sale at millions and he doesn't crave publicity and act like he is the reason art is still alive.

    As for his work, some of it i don't really get, but a lot of it does and it does it in a very clever way, i loved his work on the Israeli/Palestinian wall, and of course some of this stuff is very good, yes it might get a bit repetative, but it's more down to politics and world matters seemingly always repeating themselves over the year.

    I'd also add that i know a few people who went to this exhibition and when they started the chat about how they'd queued for 5 hours i thought they were mad, but the weirdest thing was that they loved the whole experience, i get edgy queuing up for more than 3 minutes so god knows what it would have been like waiting 4-5 hours :eek:
  10. Everytime I hear Tracey Emin I reach for my gun

    BTW has anyone wondered why someone who has the body of a godess has the face of a gorgon ?
  11. See you mean there Spanny :wink:

    A quick Google works wonders, I would.
  12. Cheers for that. Did you use your woodwork GCSE to make a cabinet or are you saving it? Bottom line - It's like The Simpsons (or The Young Ones if you are old enough), funny first time around but prey to the law of diminishing returns. BTW - Picasso was ground breaking and Guernica was almost ( OK Goya) unprecedented. Banksy is a hack.
  13. He returned at least once to the exhibition as I have a picture of cues week one with no Ronald MacDonald sat above the door and pictures of the cues week 3-4 with Ronald included, will dig them out when I'm a bit more sober!
  14. I like his work immensely (I also have Wall and Piece), however I find his personal politics very naive and stink of 'Everything now is rubbish and if you just do everything I say it will all be all right', and the majority of his views are sympathetic to the 'losers' in any given international situation without much thought as to just why they were attacked\suppressed in the first place.
    Good art, lousy politics. If he just laid off the written politics and stuck to the messages his art delivers then he will truly be remembered as a great IMHO.