A long shot but?

If anyone on here knows JC (John Cairns) ex 32 Engr Regt it is his 60th Birthday on 25th Aug 12 A party is being held in McCabes Fullarton st Ayr. I am trying to trace someone called big Jim!!! ex 77Sqn 32 Engrs. If you are in the area and know JC come along to say hi to an old Sapper.
Just to add if anyone has any old sapper mags from 1972, July,Aug and Sept that they may wish to get rid of I would take them to give to JC as part of his gift.


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god is armoured , happy birthday Tankie. 31 being the best of the best of course .
served a few years with JC and had a few drinks with him in 77, I wont be able to get to Ayr for his bash but if anyone gets there wish him a happy birthday from Taff and karen in Cardiff.
If you go onto Facebook there are a couple of Sapper groups with lots of members; I'm A Sapper, I'm Ubique and Sappers Say Anything for starters. Perhaps try on there.
good call P_L, i read the first bit and thought i knew him but the age is a tad out. good luck. REgards.

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