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A Load of Bull

Well done the bull! If the bull had a chance of winning maybe this disgusting spectacle would be acceptable, but.......................

No, I am not a 'Bleeding Heart'. I am, like so many in this country, someone who does not appreciate a totally unequal contest. (I nearly said 'bullying').
Well done the bull! If the bull had a chance of winning maybe this disgusting spectacle would be acceptable, but.......................
How can you say that? Don't you appreciate the noble spectacle of a mighty beast getting into the audience and chasing some fat b@stard round the arena while he sh1ts himself with fear before quite literally getting the horn?

This could be the renaissance of bullfighting. Instead of some poof in a spangly suit and too, too tight trousers fighting a half dead bull, set a fresh bull among the audience. I, for one would sign up to watch this on pay per view while shouting "¡ole!" every time some fekkin', inbred, Spanish retard gets a prostate exam carried out by a ton of future hamburgers.


I have had my fair share of holidays in Spain, but I have never been to a bullfight. The reason, physical cowardice. I know that after a few San Miguels I would be cheering the bull on, and to be honest I don`t really fancy being lynched by a crowd of sadistic, bloodthirsty Spaniards.
It'd be a great way of solving the prison overcrowding problem. 'Give them... THE GAMES!'
My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius Coolio Crash-Bandicoot Wellard Jack-Daniels O'Pikey
Commander of the armies of dolescum of the North
General of the feeling-poorly-gizza-biffchit legions
Loyal servant to the true emperor, Stellus Artois
Father to countless sons and daughters
Husband to a battered wife
And I will have my vengeance, in this life or on parole.
Easy compromise between those who are pro and anti bull-fighting. Let it continue, except change the rules so that the matador has to be unarmed and naked. Like the bull. Could work for fox-hunting as well - no horses, no dogs, no red tunics. Just a crowd of nudists running through the woods :)
There's something deliciously and perversely ironic about the whole thing.

Apparently a 10 yr old boy was injured when the bull fell on him, wtf are kids doing there? If it was a scene from a film such activities wouldn't be allowed at that age.
I've always been against bullfighting because of the barbaric nature of the sport and the fact the bull really doesn't have a sporting chance. It's not even as if the bull will be spared if it puts up a great fight.
I enjoy the Camargue bullfighting though, where men run across the ring in front of the bull and try to snatch a purse from between its horns.
Who can blame the bull? After half and hour or so of "Men in Tights" stabbing me with pointy things, I'd probably go on the rampage as well. And then, to add insult to injury ...
... the animal was later removed from the arena with a crane and killed.
WHY?! Punishment for not dying slowly in the bull-ring to "entertain" the crowd?

Disgusting, tacky and primitive activity that belongs in the same illegal corner as dog-fighting and cock-fighting.


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