A load of ******** Boro fans think youre all thick

To The Hole! :roll:
Of course they're *********, they support boro.

Someone has to make the easy jokes...........
Having scanned through the thread it kind of disproves the thread title. There are a lot more people on that thread having a go at the twa*s who are insulting soldiers. Kind of cheered me up a bit the fact that what started as easy jibes at soldiers ended with those who had started it scuttling off under a bit of pressure.


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It does seem a little odd that the thread is started on a site which is frequented by thugs who try to inflict violence on others before, during, and after so called games involving thugs who try to inflict violence on each other while chasing a round ball. And they decry the attitude of others.
It seems we get the society we deserve for our efforts.
Just out of boredom I trawled through a fair bit of that forum exchange.Some of those views are indeed very much at odds with what you would expect from a coherent human being.

Its just a wind-up......don't even waste the time reading it,let alone responding to it.

You could post the most impressive piece of internet literature to ever grace the forums in defence of the Forces......but you will still lose.Your opponent is in all chance a pathetic, undernourished office wallah who quite possibly can barely speak English and from some of those forum responses shouldn't even legally be in the country....if not legally,certainly not morally.

Sad but true with the internet allowing you to be brave but hidden.


DigitalGeek said:
They shag their sisters in Boro apparently.
Only after they've taken their place in the queue behind their dads.

Q. What do you call a pre-teen virgin in Middlesborough?

A. An orphan.
Simple idea:

Line up all the "Boro" fans up side-by-side on a large place like Salisbury Plain, then line up all the Army supporters facing them (couple of dozen double deckers from Wooton Bassett I think) and see who runs off scared first!

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