A little unrest in the Tower

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smithy749, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Any bloke who has nine medals but still feels he has to wear more that aren't sanctioned for wear is a bit of a c0ck in my books anyway.

    Especially as he's got more then me.
  2. I was speaking to a bloke at work today who is a medals spotter and he said they shouldn't be worn but Gen Cordingly(sp) wears his and has set a precedent- only the messenger
  3. I suppose when very high ranking officers break rules it does set a precedent. I could understand if he only had two medals but nine!
  4. They are only 'not to be worn' by serving soldiers..... not sure if Yeoman Warders count as 'serving'.

    But technically (or as is my understanding) come demob, if you own the throwing star and the Kuwaiti medal, you can wear them.
  5. I thought it was a grave discourtesy to HM the Queen wearing medals that haven't been approved for wear. Since he was guarding one of her residences (is it?) I'd have thought it wouldn't have been allowed. I know Chelsea Pensioners are only allowed to wear awarded medals.
  6. The MOD don't allow the PJM then they certainly wouldn't allow this or a similar keepsake given to those who served in Jordan in the late 50's.
    They should only have official gongs on or he'll be racking up a BFG medal next then where do you draw the line.
  7. Pretty pintless thread considering he's been sacked. It's not as if he'll be wearing them in a Beefeater uniform at the Tower again.
  8. since when has a thread being pointless ever come into anything, I thought that was what ARSE was all about :?
  9. Really? I thought arrse was all about civvies spouting total shite about all things military and whining when they're hounded and called rude words.

    It's also about some blokes wanting a medal for doing a week long exercise in Germany........whilst supping ale, smoking cheap tabs and wondering what tax free motor to buy next.
  10. Chelsea Pensioners, I've found, tend to stick more to the military ethos than the Warders.

    I'm sure if tackled about his extra medals the guy would have played the "We're civvies now" card.

    As the guy was RAMC for over half of his service and presumably being used to working with senior ranks of both sexes, it seems odd that he apparently had difficulty with accepting a female in that job.
  11. Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is a bit of PC world gone mad, taking the side of a lezzer to be seen to be doing the right thing "PC" wise?

    Crooky is a decent guy, and for the fact i actually know him, also know he isnt a bully at all, but was more than anything, having a bit of a laugh.

    Allbeit, with an obvious bulldyke, who wouldnt know forces humour, if she was taken from behind and had her hoop broken by it!

    The odd pi55 take note left in her locker, a bit of messing about with her kit, christ, ive seen worse getting ready for a troop.

    PC world takes over even the oldest state of the nation, and two good blokes lose their jobs and homes for the sake of it.

    Fookin lezzers with attitude, makes me sick.

    22 years service to the rank of WOII, yup and im sure she earned every rank along the way.

    PC b0llocks.

    I hope to god Mark does argue the toss, he deserves to be a warder, even if he wears poxy medals that are bling. sorry mate, your a wanker for that.

    I also have a very good idea who the third unmentioned guy was, milan plt? anyone?
  12. Shooting from the hip here

    It may be something to do with the fact they are always ceremonial that they are allowed to wear awards they have been presented by foreign powers to make visiting heads of state feel good when they see their medals being worn by the queens warders

    I could just as easily be spouting complete sh*t :D :D :D
  13. I don't believe many visiting heads of state get to do the Tower of London guided tour!
  14. Because of course that’s the only thing that the warders do :roll: