a little something from a child's point of view.

I know that it's remembrance Sunday and we are all thinking about the friends and family that will never get to come home, but I hoped it would be ok to share this with you to get people to think about the children that are at home how have or will have to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Her Daddy missed her Birthday he didn't even call,
It doesn't mean it didn't hurt her just because she's small,
Her Daddy missed her sports day so she didn't run a race,
She sat and watched the grownups with dissappointment on her face,
Her Daddy didn't ring her on her first day at school,But she knows that he loves her she's nobodies fool,

His Daddy didn't meet him after his trip out to the farm,
He won't be playing xbox or be there to kiss his poorly arm,
His Daddy didn't tuck him in or kiss him before he slept,
He thought of him that night as he wiped the tears he wept,
His Daddy wont read a book or give him cash to spend,
But he knows how much he loves him and that will never end,

She doesn't know when he'll call her but she knows that he will,
And if she's really lucky it will be just when she's ill,
When she needs to hear her Daddy's voice she knows the phone will ring,
And she knows deep down inside of her she can't ask more from him,
She'll tell him that she loves him so and what the days have bought,
But she'll never mention the bad things that she's thought,

He watches all the other kids as he's dropped off by his Mum,
And watches from the sidelines as he silently bites his thumb,
His Dad won't make the football trials nor the last school play
But when he finally calls him not a word of anger will he say,
The other boys sometimes call him names as they've only seen his mum,
But he stands up tall and turns his back so they can't see he's glum,

It's her first day at her new school and Daddy can be there,
To walk her in and hold her hand and show her he does care,
She has to take some special things to tell all her new friends,
And she's picked them carefully because there are no current trends,
She looks so proud as she shouts bye Dad it almost breaks your heart,
And when he picks her up that day she's drawn the two of them for art,

He's started his new school today and he couldn't hide his grin,
The other boys just stood and stared at the man holding hands with him
Someone asked him for a joke "That man there, is that you're Dad",
He let them speak then answered yes and knew just then they couldn't make him sad,
They'd finally seen his Daddy and they saw that he was real,
Nothing they could ever say would change how this did feel,

She had to introduce herself to people she didn't know,
And she knew what she's say and what she wanted them to know,
My Daddy is a soldier, he's working far away, I hardly ever see him,
Her teacher stood quite shocked and she gave a little grin,
My Daddy's been at war you know thats why it was only Mum you saw,
Her teacher stood and stared at her and forgot she was only four,

His first day went quite well, he has a Dad now so he's cool,
He took his special something to find friends at his new school,
He showed them something of his Dad's and began to tell his side,
My Daddy is a soldier I know that he loves and he talks of me with pride,
While he's in the desert and for him I'm taking care of Mum,
To keep a smile on her face when she is sometimes glum,

They tell the very same story to two very different schools,
And though they are 4 and 7 you can see that they're not fools,
Their Daddy is a soldier and as sad as it might sound to you he had to go away,
To fight for unknown people and cannot talk to them on any given day,
But they know how much he loves them both they never have a doubt,
But one last thing they feel they need to say thought the time has run out,

My Mummy is a soldier too, though she is always close and home,
She talks to us and lets us know we are never alone,
She dries our tears and holds us close no matter what's been said,
She manages to calm our fears when we hear about the dead,
She's banned the news at home because it makes us very sad,
And the only thing we want when we go to bed is Dad,

You wouldn't know to look at her but my Mum is very tough,
She holds our lives together even when she's had enough,
We never see her crying but we know sometimes she's sad,
She always manages to carry on and always makes us glad,
That our Daddy loves us even when he's far away,
She fills our heads with happy thoughts and knows just what to say,

My Daddy is a soldier sometimes he can't phone for so long,
But that doesn't mean he's forgotten us and Mummy keeps us strong,
He keeps us in his heart with him wherever he may go,
He keeps us in his memories but can't see how we grow,
My Daddy is a soldier and he's away fighting a war,
e's fighting for his life at times and we don't know what for,
Just because you don't see him doesn't mean my Dad's not real,
And you can never imagine sometimes how sad I feel,
But I come to school with a smiley face and hide the pain inside,
And when I talk of him you see me burst with pride,
My Daddy is my hero with his job he risks his life,
And I'm so proud to say he's asked My mum to be his wife,
My parents are my hero's you may not understand,
why my Dad can risk his life in a far off foreign land,
Or why my Mum will wait for him however long it may take,
They may not be together but for him I don't ache,
I know he's coming home quite soon and he will hold me tight,
But my life is perfect as it can be and I know my Daddy loves me so everythings alright.

Give me strength...........
well I thought it was really lovely, and all the rough soldier types should be made to learn it by heart.
Twice, then have it tattooed on their head.
this is actually a much beter way of putting that drivel

When God Created the Military Wife

generally posting some re-hashed crap about the kids of criminals who are locked up under the guise of it being fitting for military types is in poor taste,

that junk in the OP was on the wall of a correctional facility back in the 90's and was used as propaganda materiel for the prison reform society, oh i'll grant you its been tweaked since then and probably had a verse or two added but its still the same overall garbage.

its far more fitting if your going ot post to use old things that were actually written about the average person associated wiht service life

Mark The Convict

They're good for leather and meat, and you can turn the offcuts into classy bottle openers;



Neat! I'm looking for something novel to hang on the end of my Double Albert watch chain, and a Roo Bollocks church-key could be just the answer. Beats a lucky rabbit's foot.

Mark The Convict

It's an 'unlucky kangaroo scrote'. I wouldn't wear it while I was out on the pull though, unless you fancy your chances with a bulldyke.
I heard a really good one about the night before Christmas, I do hope someone can find it and post it on ARRSE. I just know all ARRSErs would be appreciative and find it poignant.
You're just sick I tells ya! Why do you insist on reminding people of THAT poem? It's just not natural I tells ya! :)

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