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A Little Snake in the Mouth ...

I've adder nuff of these puns.
... but not a trouser snake. I knew Dagestan was a dodgy and dangerous place, but really?

'Stomach-churning video posted online has captured the moment Russian doctors removed a 1.2-metre snake from a female patient’s mouth.

'The snake had reportedly slithered inside the woman while she was asleep in the backyard of her home in the village of Levashi, Dagestan, 7 News reported.

'The woman was taken to hospital and placed under general anaesthetic after feeling unwell.

'In the footage doctors can be seen slowly removing the snake after inserting a tube down her throat.

'A male doctor off-camera says, “Let’s see what this is.”

'A female doctor grabs the snake as its full length is revealed, and the medical staff react in horror.

'The snake is then dropped into a bucket.

'Locals in the Republic of Dagestan, a Russian republic on the Caspian Sea, reportedly say such incidents have been known to happen from time to time.

'Older citizens are said to warn the young not to sleep outside because of the risk of snakes climbing into their mouths.'

I'd believe it even more if it had happened in Dagenham
Dagestan, is that full of Irish Pikeys? Perhaps ther's another place called Harsestan

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