A little query

If you go on annual camp as a 2 star, pass and come off as a 3 star, can you go on the following easter camp and pass your 3 star?
Last easter camp, i was told i could go for the experience but not pass, but people out of my Coy went and passed, also another example is a Cadet in a different Company to me had just passed 2 Star on annual camp and is going to Easter Camp next year.

Might be a silly question to some people, but i want a confident answer.

It should take a little while to complete 3 star. All our 3 star testing is carried out by our Company training team who have various weekends throughout the year for practice and testing (M&C, Fieldcraft, SAA, JCIC etc). To have just passed 2 star on annual camp and then to pass 3 star on an easter camp seems to be a bit quick to me. There are a lot of subjects to cover and the system you guys employ seem to me to be a bit odd. I may be misunderstanding something here and if so, i apologise. In any event, go for the experience. It will make you a better cadet in the long run.
according to the syllabus it should take roughly 18 months to pass 1 star level and a further 12 months to pass each level thereafter, however due to pressure being put upon counties to justify the budget, you may find that standards are slipping and that assesments are being watered down and it is now entirely possible to pass both your 2 and 3 star in the space of 12 months!!

welcome to the sausage milling machine!!

rant off :D
Ask on Armycadetforce.com, you'll probably get a more informed answer.
It should take around 12 months to pass 3 star you will obviously have to display a knowledge and competence at all star syllabus subjects inc attending jcic
if cadets are being rushed through any quicker than this then they are either not being taught comprehensively enough or the marking on tests /syllabus is not stringent enough by your training team .
You should be displaying your abilities in the field on exercises also ,remember a pass will set you up for scic and 4 star training inc master cadet etc...........
Make sure you are fully squared away before you attempt this as you will otherwise not get the result you hope for.
I'm all boxed off yes, i took my time in getting to were i am now. But this person has been in about a year and a half and is already a 3* full screw going on easter to do their 3 star. In my eyes, and i'm sure many others, thats not right.

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