A little press interest in Scotland

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by who_cares...., May 25, 2007.

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  1. We have also heard that recruitment is being suspended for up to a year for units deemed to be bringing less than others to the table of enduring operations' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "It will affect administrative outfits like the adjutant-general's corps and the logistics people and some under-represented teeth' battalions.

    Yeah, right. I think it shows how poorly researched this article is, if its author thinks that 'the logistics people' have been unrepresented in the mobilisation stakes. At the risk of descending into cap badge slagging, I would suggest that, along with DMS, the 'logistics people' are at, or rather near, the top of the chart.
  2. I am surprised at Ian Bruce. He is normally one of the best informed, least spinning, Defence Correspondents and writes for a fairly supportive journal.

    That article is little more than a collection of Rumour Service posts from the last week or so some of which are complete and utter fantasies (the recruitment comments in particular!).

    I can only assume that it was compiled by the Office Junior and they attached IB's name to it in pursuit of some gravitas.


    Edit to add:

    And here is the Herald Article as it first appeared on ARRSE, courtesy of Dont_Fear_The_Reaper CLICKY
  3. Maybe it's all true in Scotland ?

    Presumably the MTDs for Summer Challenge have to come from somewhere.
  4. SC accounts for roughly 30% of the annual recruit target for those units involved and represents an overall saving in costs to deliver 250 trained soldiers by any other means employed by the TA in the last decade.

    Nice try but no cigar.
  5. Clearly that was a hit somewhere near Stirling then !

    My point was, as an interested observer, that the resources for Summer Challenge presumably have to be ring-fenced and come from the same pot as everything else. Therefore there must be a reduction in what's available for whatever the rest of the TA in 51 Bde might want to get up to.

    Perhaps you would care to shed further light on the true situation in North Britain ?
  6. It's cold, wet & miserable.....or is that not what you were after?
  7. Do you happen to work for Visit Scotland ?
  8. LOL, How can you tell? did I also mention we all have red hair & wear kilts with braces, whilst spouting catch phrases such as "hoots mon!"

    BTW all the kiddies are called Wayne ( you need to think about that one)
  9. Approx 80 miles. You know the area well ;)
  10. Getting way off course now, anyone have the numbers of those who were in SC06 & are still REGULAR attenders at their units one year later?
  11. Entirely off-thread here, but many years ago when I visited a city which was allegedly "Miles Better" (presumably miles better than Beirut), I remember a purveyor of children's clothing at the far end of Argyle Street called "Wains World" - I wonder if it's still there ?
  12. Next time I'm in "the city of culture 19**"n I'll take a look & let you know.
  13. If it is still there, the shop sign will make an excellent steal.

    *puts on shoes*...im off for a recce.
  14. You're not in the RHF are you?