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A little perspective...

How many people die a day worldwide?

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Teletext tells me today that 50 died in a plane crash, 23 died down a Chinese mine, and 16 were wounded by bombs in Turkey... I wonder if I'm becoming numbed... every day I read about death, death, death in spiraling numbers.

So I've done a little research to find out how much of this death stuff is around:

The answer to how many people die a day world over is in the post below.

And the answer is... give or take

370,000. and of these about 4% are due to accidents, which is about 15,000... and in the western world about 60% of these are road traffic accidents.

Now I sit here hoping that my math is right and I'm not about to get slaughtered (add one to the count) - but its based on the average age worldwide being 24.3 years old.

Bottom line is it's food for thought... just think how much fodder the journos have got.

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