A little more thought required....

Having completed my first tour in the sandpit, with my POTL drawing to a close, the time has come for me to start thinking about returning to the TAC. I was away for six months, plus almost three months of training and two months of post tour leave.... Nearly a year and I understand that my regiment is changing, we are being restructured and rebaged. Fine, My local TAC has closed down, so I now must treble my commute time to get to company on a tuesday night, no transport is being laid on, thats o.k. for me, I can drive. I know of at least four from my old TAC who cannot.
No one from the company has approached myself or others from the tour regarding career development, for example, are there any courses I can be put on or would like to be put on? In fact no one has approached myself or anyone from the tour at all! I had to phone in to find out if my MFO box had finally returned. I am also still unsure as to what my company is converting to with the restructuring, formaly a rifle company, but I have heard talk of it becoming Guns, or possibly Javelin. Also reading a forcast of training for the month just gone, training nights seem very low key. Thus I am not sure I want to return, harder to get there, nothing to look forwards to, no chances of courses anytime soon, is it going to be worth the hassle?

So my questions...

Has anyone else had similar experiences when returning to the TAC from tour?
Is it normal for the TAC to be so quiet regarding career development post tour?
Any (sensible/relavent) advice?

I know exactly how you are feeling. Some units do seem to be very interested in those returning from ops, others less so...

I found returning from the sandpit v. difficult and have come close to handing in my kit on more than one occasion. There is very little comprehension from those who haven't been and the regular staff do not seem to realise how hard it is for the TA soldier to fit straight back in.

I'll not go into details here, save to say that 7 months after expressing an interest in transferring to a new unit I am still being messed around and haven't yet received my bounty for last year. Then they wonder why there were just 37 DE Officers commissioned into the TA last year. A land fit for heroes it ain't.

Just out of interest: how much contact did you receive from your unit whilst you were deployed?

In all honesty, if it wasn't for the support I have received via the good citizens of ARRSE, I would have jacked it in. (From my pre-tour OJAR: "Lt msr is the most enthusiastic officer in my regiment".)

If you need any more advice, drop me a PM.

I too returned from tour to find no communication from the TAC. My lot were very good while I was in theatre for sending goody boxes, but crap when I got back. I tipped up on a drill night to hear the immortal "oh you're back, when are you going to start with us, again?"

I then had to argue my case for trade courses due to me "not having had the experiance of working on weapons at camp". Funny, I'd have thought I'd get more experience on six months of Ops rather than 2 weeks sat in the back of a truck.

Communication (or lack thereof) is a big thing in the TA. They can't even give us more than 3 weeks notice when our MATTS weekends are on, FFS.

Edited to add: Advice wise, just get yourself down there (phone to check the guys you need to sepak to will actually be there (another pet hate of mine is permanent staff not being very permanent)) and demand the courses. The only way to get on is to take charge of your own career.
" how much contact did you receive from your unit whilst you were deployed?"

Whilst deployed, we had sweets etc sent out along with some news of home fairly reguarly. However they were sent out as a lot to an SNCO for him to distribute (which he did) however, it seemed a bit impersonal and because of taskings arrived to the men (us!) fairly late. I have to mention that our Regiments Padre was very active over our tour, sending out cards, letters, sweets etc. While not requiring his services directly, He really worked hard for us from the start of training to the end of RTMC and I understand is continuing to do so now... Well done Padre!

edit because of spag!
i have to echo stabtiffy2b's comments for we are in the same unit the regt was fantastic while i was on telic(apart from the coc.k jockey of a psi at the time) sending letters and parcels and looking after my family then i got back all contact stopped not even a sodding phone call (apart from wanting to send a local reporter round to interview me about my experinces) to keep in touch with my freinds that werent on potl or deployed on telic 2 on drill nights and when there was a weekend on i would turn up to sit in the bar for a couple of hours and was told in no uncertain terms to go away as i was on leave and shouldnt be there i nearly handed my kit in but went on another tour instead

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