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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pilot150, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. 2.A.8 We will accordingly:
    •significantly reduce our non-deployable regional administrative structure to enhance our focus on front-line capabilities. We will replace our four regional divisional headquarters with a single UK support command, and close at least two of our 10 regional brigade headquarters;

    So the Divs are going and we'll be administered direct from PSC. Anyone want to guess which 2 Bdes get the chop. I reckon 51 Bde and 38 Bde and 160 Bde will be safe saving jobs outside England (bearing in mind the decisions on St Athan and Kinloss and the increase in T&S from NI if 38 Bde were to close). Anyone have any insider knowledge?
  2. There was also another sentence in a paragragh stating the reserves will be fully intergrated it to the 5 multi role brigades. I wonder how that will work.
  3. erm, badly?
  4. To quote the meaty piece verbatim:

    "There is a strong case for reviewing whether our reserve forces are properly structured for the type of conflict we envisage undertaking in future so that we make best use of the skills, experience and capabilities of our Reservists whilst at the same time moving towards a more efficient structure. We will therefore undertake a six month study into the future role and structure of the Reserves which will be undertaken by the leadership of the regular and reserve forces."

    A lot of this was covered by SRR (REF http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonlyres/F2C31DAE-FBC2-4236-8586-BA0214C07941/0/strategic_review_of_reserves.pdf), some which has been taken on in principle, indeed, the ground work was well under way before SDSR. How that will manifest itself in practice is still a bit of an unknown quantity.

  5. Simply take one of the theatre troop brigades (see section on HQ Land Forces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). [oddly theatre troop brigades is around this 5 number]

    Add in units from other th tp bde's plus a bit of (arty, cav and inf for protection). You have a Bde capable of building bridges, delivering medical aid (health and supplies), water

    Was trialled on Exercise Griffin Focus in 06 (the first one.... the biggest ex since SDR). See this arrse thread for the 08 version ... not one of my best set of posts... http://www.arrse.co.uk/just-ta/91749-griffin-focus-who-knows-what.html

    Seems to be too logical for it to work though.

    I doubt it would be 8 FEB, 2 Sig Bde, 2 Med Bde etc, they'd get altered to traditionalish titles...... like 49 (North East) Infrastructure Support Brigade
  6. The good news is that this gives us an opportunity to revisit the nonsense of GCM etc with the benefit of knowing what the financial and manpower realities now are. I think it actually takes some of the heat out, a 7000 cut in Regular manpower is probably a lot lower than some were expecting. There is also an opportunity to say that the manpower cuts have already been announced so no need for any further cuts in the TA.
    The really good news is that the USAR & USNG model does appear to have struck a chord with the PM. I agree that there is probably little will to develop the legal/financial package required....but at least it gives the opportunity to examine options properly.

    What I'm waiting for is a sign that the demolition of the Div HQs and a 25000 cut in CS is going to be based on simpler processes and a reduction in paperwork for all of us, Reg or TA. One can only hope.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I do hope so and here is my starter for 10: Business groups welcome 'long overdue' health and safety shake-up - Telegraph

    No more 'generic' risk assessments and of pointless paperwork such as the Risk Assessment for the Officers' Mess in each and every TAC. Perhaps we could even bin parts of the RASP/EASP and simply put up a board in the troop shelters?