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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by isleofwighter, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone i was wondering if i could perhaps get some pearls of wisdom from some of you more experienced engineer types. I went up the careers office yesterday and did my BARB test and was given a list of jobs i could apply for. When i initially got interested in joining up i was looking at the infantry but have now been tempted by the RE. It just seems a more varied job role with better opportunity. I'm not one of these blokes who just wants a trade so they can get out i want to make this a career and the RE seems a more valid option to myself personally.

    My recruiter is infantry so i couldn't pick his brains too much regarding the engineers so i thought i'd come and ask on here. When on tour are you primarily on camp doing engineer type duties or do you also get out amongst it on patrols etc. I'm thinking that if you do go out it isn't to the same extent as the infantry i.e. seeking and engaging enemy? I just want to make sure i'm entering a job in which i'm not going to get bored and regret not going infantry. Also this may seem a silly question but what's the social life like? I've got quite a few good friends in the infantry who always seem to be in debauched adventures and this was one of the aspects that drew me to joining up, as you can imagine the weekends on the isle of wight are far from exciting.

    Anyways sorry for the long read i tend to ramble on, but any advice from some seasoned blokes would be much appreciated.
  2. What you do on tour depends on your job. Sigs and resources tend to be camp based whilst most others are out and about. In the FOBs an Engineer section is used for maintenance tasks and as a combat engineer supporting the infantry.

    As for socially we are fecking awesome!
  3. As above and to add RE really are social animals.
  4. Cheers guys, well i'm looking to either go for chippy or sparky trade but as i've been reading through the threads on here it seems a lot of work on tour is more combat engineer based out in afghanistan which is pretty much what i'm interested in. As for the social animal part i did kind of guess that, my mates brother has been in the RE for 12 years now and he's a bit of a legend when he comes home on the piss. Always plenty of swamping stories and sexual misadventures to recollect :)
  5. simply choice then ............................................... sparky
  6. Too late to persuade you to try a proper trade

  7. There used to be an RE recruiter in the Isle of Wight recruiting office ... ask him. If he's not there anymore then ask the one in the Portsmouth office.
  8. Most of the ruperts in my day were barking,which added to the fun factor.You also used to get the chance to blow things up occaisionally,with luck.A lot more dangerous now though-current ops are really serious.Not like us old gits telling warries from GSM tours.Plantys do have fun,& learn some serious future employment skills,but always thought the sparkys had most sense,more money in it!Always remember that a camel is a horse designed by a Clerk of Works & you won't go wrong!P.S. 9 years in the CRE turned me into this gibbering wreck,but wouldn't changeit for anything :D