a little help?

Hey everyone.

Im having a bit of trouble understanding all the branches of the army and what they do. I have looked on the army website and its not too clear (for me!)

Basically I think I would like to join the infantery (Rifles) but i have heard that you can only join a branch(?) that is local to you. Im from Manchester and i think that is th Irish Guards.

Is there anywhere i can get a no nonsence clear guide to joining. I tried the afco and got a dvd and booklet but they are out of date as they dont include the Rifle.

I think im in a muddle and could do with a little help if possible

thanks all


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basically you can join any branch - infantry, artillery, logistics, engineers, etc., but that depends on how qualified you are and how well you do on the entrance exam.

The recruiters will always try and fill currant vacancies but if you stick to your guns (providing you qualify) you should get what you want.

As for being a Manc, the Staffordshire Reg or Duke of Lancasters Reg are are your local regiments (depending on where in Manchestrer you live), but the Paras and Guards are available. The Rifles do not normally recruit from the Greater Manchester area but if you have or had a relative who served with one of their predecessor regiments you have a shout


The-daddy is correct about joining any arm you wish, just to give you more info, the guards regiment that recruits in manchester is the Grenadiers, the Irish is full of scousers so that might not be to good for a manc.
the scots guards recruit as far down as preston/Blackpool.
The coldstream are mainly Geordies, yorkshire, or cornwall.
Hope this helps.


hmm... which branches would be open to me. (Im in central London)
Rifles, Para, Royal Fusiliers for Infantry

Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, etc recruit nationally

Not too sure about the Cavalry but the Royal Tank Regiment is open to you

Best thing is to pop into your local Armed Forces Careers Office and have a chat to confirm

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