A little help with service records


Ladies and Gents,
Having recently become a filthy student (MA 20th Century history, thanks for asking) I've been approached by one of the other studes who who is looking for info on her father, details below

Alfred Hughes, DoB 09-06-1920

Served in the British Army in WW2 then re-enlisted in the 1950s, his 1950s service number was 5049514, I'm guessing he wasn't given his old number

His Medal roll was as follows:

Africa Star - 1st Army bar
Italian Star
1939-45 Star
Defence Medal
War Medal

No mention of Korea, LS&GC, GSM




Have they tried the IWM London Records Room? It’s on 1sr floor, you can just jump on a terminal and search the archives. I found a long lost great uncle who died a Japanese PoW that way.

Hah! Typical 20th Century History stoodint*-she can't be asked to carry out her own research.

Anyhoo, as the 'daughter of' she can claim his service records from MoD Get a copy of military service records and it'll cost her 30 British Quids.

. . . having taken the pish, ask her to confirm his DoB-a cursory check has not turned up anything that matches, though there is a Alfred Hughes with 8 Jun 1920 as DoB.

It would help me if she can narrow down the place of birth and also his date and location of death.

Yours, in expectation etc

*says a History BA (having squeaked a 2:1 from Anglia Ruskin as a mature)


Thanks FourZero, Ill pass that on, I'm with Anglia Ruskin too, the interview was interesting - one of the lecturers had written a book on Able Archer '83, when I said I was on it, his eyes lit-up, didn't have the heart to tell him I spent the whole thing standing in a sangar freezing my arse off on night guard as a 17 year old sprogg.

I checked the DoB and it's 09/06/1920, she's a mature student but I'll catch up with her next week. I also need to ask, I think some were recalled to the colours for Korea rather than volunteered, we'll see.......

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