A little help with Drill

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by poorlytrainedidiot, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. I know this sounds a bit crap but can someone tell me which foot the about turn in quick time is called on? i am sure that it's when the right foot strikes the ground but my mate says otherwise. also does anyone know which foot the RAF call it on?

    sorry for the bone question


  2. Right unless I am very much mistaken
  3. My somewhat elderly manual states that the order is given "as the left foot passes the right."

    We all do the same drill nowadays, don't we?
  4. RAF do drill you kidding me :roll:

    Called on Right foot, miss left foot, slide in right foot, left right left (turning) away on the right foot if my memory serves me well. :?
  5. The order is given as the right heel strikes the ground

    check, in, left, right, left and away !!!
  6. Nearly right dont 'slide' in right foot (its a common fault) but take a half a pace "15" and ensure the heel of the right feet touches the instep of the left, when instructing, these two movements are combined and the trainee is to call out 'In, left, right, left' and step off with the right foot (anothe common fault)

    Given on the right foot, check pace with left, half a pace with right then, "in, left, right, left" forward (right foot)

    Pop quiz

    What other foot drill movements are given on the right foot (there is not many)

    Taking you a stage further...... bah blah blah
  7. left turn on the march

  8. Thats one
  9. fcuk me im getting too old for this, salute to left/right i suppose
  10. gotta be wrong that one !!
  11. :salut:

  12. Nike mate, i.e. Just Do It. It will come back naturally, which can be a bit disconcerting after 25 years.
  13. Off to the Guardroom you F*** Spacker is normally given on the Right foot

  14. Retiring after advancing to the front in squad?? (i was crap on my drill cadre ) if im wrong.
  15. Before I get to the answer (let it run for a bit) in what situation will the squad (party) be out of step at slow time but, its the only way they can march in that situation???