A little help required from the IT buffs, please

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bugsy, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. I’ve two questions that maybe the IT gurus can help me with:

    1. Almost every time I want to reply with a quote on ARRSE, the whole thing freezes as soon as I press RETURN to go onto the next line under the quote. The MS error report said that it was possibly caused by FIREFOX and I should download the latest version. Which I did. However, it’s made no difference. After FIREFOX switches off, it allows me to return to the interrupted session, but am I doing something wrong anywhere?

    2. Is there a way of receiving prompts on-screen when new e-mails arrive in a normal Hotmail account? Or do I just have to keep visiting the account, as I do at present?

  2. nothing to help you on #1 mate, but as for #2, either run Messenger (MSN or Live) tp get a notification, or run the arrse toolbar in Internet Explorer for on screen and audio notifications. i personally have the 'mail mother fcuker' from EuroTrip when i get a new hotmail message. i don't doubt there are other programs and toolbars that act in the same manner as the arrse toolbar in firefox, but the arrse toolbar doesn't seem to work in that capacity with firefox.
  3. Not really an IT buff...

    1. - cannot help; does sound like a particularly irritating issue though.

    2. - there are any number of gizmos that check your email accounts and tell you if there is mail... in this instance may I recommend the ARRSE toolbar for Firefox which can check Gmail & Hotmail accounts (amongts others) and alert you to 'incoming'. It also has the latest ARRSE posts, news etc.
  4. Yes it does - have used the ARRSE toolbar in Firefox for quite some time and it alerts me fine to my Hotmail and GMail accounts.
  5. hmm, i shall have to check all my firewall settings, etc. now. thanks mate.
  6. Cheers a bunch, chasps. I have the ARRSE toolbar up and running now for e-mail alerts and it works just fine.

    Anybody had any thoughts on my first problem?

  7. It is strange that the fault is caused in the way you describe.

    Try a complete un-install of FF followed by a re-install instead of running an upgrade to the new version. If you continue to get an error message, could you jot down the fault code or post up a screen shot of it so i can do some digging.

  8. If there is an error code they are invaluable. Just cut and paste it then whack it in google. I guarantee thousands before you have had that problem. Never had that issue with Firefox before and I've been using it for a long time.
  9. This sounds a good idea, Higround. I'll give this a cabby first, before I try boney_m's trick with reinstalling FIREFOX. I'll also post the error code here (I don't know how to upload a screenshot:().

    Thanks to both of you for taking the time on this. :D :D :D

  10. I have installed the toolbar and it doesn't alert me to new e-mails. Something wrong that i am doing?? Before anyone asks, i have Zone Alarm (free edition) and the usual spyware, adaware etc. Any help in rectifying this.

    Cheers all
  11. What you have to do, A_C_C, is to click on the double arrow on the far right of the toolbar and go to e-mail account(s) (it's a double envelope at the top of the menu. This will then bring up all the accounts you've entered and show how many new e-mails they contain.