A Little help please

I have been asked to create a virtual uniform as a Christmas present for a member of 59 Commando. I have googled till my chubby digits are blue and still cannot find any pictures to use as reference. the request is for an officer in No1 dress and I really do not want to disappoint. Any help, descriptive or pictorial would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
I am looking for specifics to 59 commando, what badge is on the white belt? Do they wear the ubique bombs on the collar like other engineers? Is it the standard engineers peaked cap and badge? Commando dagger any particular colour those kind of things that people get upity about if you get it wrong. I may just scan a picture of myself in blues and paste on the differences if I know what they are.

But once again thanks for your help :D
There was a photo of an RE Capt in the press this week, receiving his MC for the Apache "strap on" rescue in the 'Stan earlier this year. He wore standard No 1 dress with the gold thread collar badges and his Commando beret with the RE embroidered beret badge (grenade/Ubique)
Cdo dagger on blues is quite large (approx 2"), silver blade, gold hilt, blue (same colour as the uniform) background.

Officers don't wear white belts as far as I'm aware - standard Sam Browne, and uniform is otherwise as per standard RE Offr.

As stated above, headdress is Commando green beret with RE Offr beret badge.

PM if you want more info.
brilliant cheers. His other half seemed to think he had a white belt and a red stripe down his trouser leg. Sounds a bit like Sandhurst uniform to me but hey. cheers
If this is to do with other halves, is it supposed to be a beautiful reminder of their wedding day? If so, it's Blues (Ceremonial Order) - burgundy sash around the waist, 'silver' sword scabbard with slings, and gold sword knot (vice Sam Browne, brown leather scabbard and frog, and brown leather knot in Parade Order) and 'scrambled egg' on the epaulettes (stars on top).

'Trousers' (actually mess overalls) are as per mess kit - ie tight fitting, high waisted, fastened under mess wellingtons at the bottom, with a red stripe down the side. Don't forget the spurs!

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