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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by glub1973, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I am working with someone who has just left the army. He served in Iraq and saw some nasty stuff. He claims that the Army has got rid of his records that he ever served there. Is this normal unofficial practice in the Army or just lies? He has proof (that I have seen) that he was in the Army. Comments please
  2. what's the proof that you have seen?
  3. Go away journo.

    That's the only comment you will get from me, except possibly, why did you post this in the NAAFI bar ya throbber?!?
  4. Pictures and payslips
  5. Im not a journo!
  6. well spotted devilish
  7. Photoshop and Tipex?
  8. is his name mike golden he has some poof, ive seen it lots of certificates and stuff
  9. NO! not photoshop Its the real deal!
  10. Yes, He was obviously SAS/SBS (possibly still serving, but undercover).

    I would give him your utmost respect, all your chockie biscuits and ask him every 4 minutes if he would like a brew.

    Oh, and because of all the nasty things he's seen, a little reported side effect of PTSD is a condition called "Temporary Violent Homosexuality Disorder" were he may suddenly sodomise you for no apparent reason. It doesn't make him gay, and to mention it to him would be considered harassment. It's one of the things he has to live with, so don't make a big deal about it when squealing like a piggy.

    All the best for the future.
  11. Ok, fuck it I'll go against my better judgement and make a comment.

    Could it be that he was in the Army, for say, phase 1 training and never actually left these fine shores and is actually pulling your gullible pisser?

    Try looking up gullible, you will not find it in any dictionary....

    Edited for punctuation
  12. Did he mention if he was 49 PARA or not?
  13. Didn't it get taken out at Henry the 8th's request?
  14. Obviusly you have experienced this hence the graphic description. I will look out for it!
  15. Ah, snail, not seen you for a while. Been busy?