A little help, please

Right i'll keep this short and sweet

Just joined the ta
just completed RT1 weapons training

now been told about RT6/ Annual camp, that theres a 6 mile full combat/nbc run with weight to pass

so has anyone on here done this?
is the info correct?
any details about the run cause its got me scared?

plus anyone out there got any nice little tricks to help me get in shape, the camp is approx. 6 weeks away so i have a small amount of time to get ready

thanks in advance for your help

btw i did the 1 and a half mile run in 12mins 35secs so theres a start point
You never mentioned your gender or age.

that would give other users an idea of how best to advise you.

1.5mile in 12:35 is ok if you are female 18-29 yrs and are just starting out.

Speed Marching with a pack requires a different type of fitness to running on a track.
yeah that might help, sorry

erm details

just started training, hence asking for advice

30 pushups
45 situps in two minutes

1.5 miles in 12mins 35

so any advice welcome

The 6 mile run will be the new TA CFT forming one part of the Military Annual Training Tests (MATT). Not sure about the new time/weight details, but the old one used to be 4 miles with 45 lbs in 50 minutes (or thereabouts).

Simple advice is to go running! You obviously want to be able to run 6 miles in PT kit before you attempt it with a bergen. I would step up your running to meet this, aiming to have done a few 5-6 milers by week four. Try to run for at least 30 minutes, but 45 would be better. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day til then (running, cycling, swimming etc) and make sure you stretch properly afterwards. If possible, find a friend to go with you (ideally one who is fitter than you and will push you). Mix in some sit ups to help strengthen your abs (important for core stability and carrying weight) and some press ups for the hell of it.

Now for the rude part! Not to sound harsh or anything but you are overweight. I don't know your body composition, but aim to lose some fat. 30 mins a day of aerobic (Cardiovascular) exercise will help do this, but I would advise paying some attention to your diet. If you drink, cut it down for the next six weeks. That will make a big difference. Try to follow the following rules: eat some protein within 45 mins of finishing exercise (get your dinner on after your day's phys), don't eat any carbs after your dinner/tea, we're all lazy in the evening and you don't burn it off (it just turns into fat while you sleep...beer is the worst!), cut out excessive snacking or replace it with fruit etc (noddy stuff here, I know) and have a good breakfast (weetabix!).

Obviously, I can't advise you how best to fit all of this into your lifestyle. If you work shifts or get home late it can be difficult to get your phys done/organise your nutrition. Like anything, it's down to the individual to do what they see fit. Don't push yourself to the point of injury. I certainly wouldn't recommend running with a bergen on at this stage, but if you can get out on a weekend to some hills and walk with a full bergen, it will help your strength quite a bit.

Can I ask what unit you've joined?

Hope that helps mate.

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