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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Totalbiscuit, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello, firstly i just want to start by saying thank you anyone who can help me with this.

    I am compiling a record of family who served in WWI and WWII in various campaigns, could any kind person tell me where i can confirm the details of ancestors in the Royal Indian Army? In specific the RIASC?

    The person in question is my great grandfather and his details (that i have) are as follows:

    Name: Ghulam Hassan Khan Niazi -K.S
    Rank: Lt.
    Service Number: IEC 2168
    Parent Corps: Royal Indian Army Service Corps
    Company/Bt: Unknown.
    Campaign Medals: All i know is based on the paperwork i have, he had received a 1939-1945 Star & 1939-1945 War Medal and a Bronze Oakleaf.

    Any help offered would be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
  2. oldbaldy

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  3. The Imperial war museum helped my dad find one of his relatives with roughly the same info that you've got on your relative. There's a department that you send your info to.

    Hope this is of some help.
  4. @ OlBaldy: Thank you very much for the link to the Gazette, at least that confirms the service number and corps info i have is correct.
    @ Bigjimangley, thank you for the info i will try to contact the War Museum.

    All the best.