A little help, please?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jodster, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone, I've recently just joined the 580 Transport Squadron, 3rd Royal Welsh bn. I've been issued my kit and I've already laced up my boots and have my DPM's ready for Wednesday's drill night. What I'm trying to ask is what will I have to do on this drill night? And I'm also due to go on a 2 week consolidating course on October 13. What will be expected in the 2 week course?
  2. To be honest unless your staff happen to be on arrse checking out this thread I don't think you'll get a definitive answer.. The course is different perhaps.
  3. Runny eggs for breakfast.
  4. shouldn't you know this? ask your DS
  5. Drill. Till your eyes bleed.
  6. Sigh.

    Ok most drill nights vary from place to place but your average one goes like this.

    1900 Rock up to the TA centre nice and early for a chin wag with the lads then sign in.

    1930 Parade, the army likes parades, its mainly to check if all the names on the sign in sheet are still there, also to dish out jobs and announcements for forthcoming weekends.

    Rest of the night until knock off ifs work on the kit in garages, or lectures, or rifle cleaning or prep for the weekend.

    Most ta units have a scheduled training plan for parade nights, they dont always get stuck to.

    After knock off by the boss then its up to the bar to drink, take the piss and letch at the fresh troops.
  7. Since when have 580 Tpt Sqn been in an Infantry Battalion ?
  8. Who cares? I think the OP should transfer to the Speshul Arsehole Service (Autistic Rifles) ASAP.
  9. Little help?

    Try a title that asks the question you want answered.
  10. You'll have to pop into your drill centre to ask.
  11. This thread has got to be a piss take....right? Journo? Or 'tard?
  12. Why can't it be both? From window lickers weekly.