A little help please?

I shall start from the Beginning. I am a student and I joined my local OTC unit back in October 2009 until recently when I decided to put in a unit transfer to my local category A unit but not as an officer (With the hope of going on operations).

I put in the transfer and handed all of my kit back in about three months ago to transfer over to the local unit but I have heard nothing back since. I have phoned both my old OTC unit and the new local unit countless times and I always get back "I will phone you right back" which of course never happens and I am now pretty lost as what to do next. Should I quit the whole TA and then rejoin again or just wait it out while nothing seems to be happening? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also a friend of mine did the same transfer but put it in two weeks ago. He received a phone call asking him to begin training this weekend so I assume it isn't just normal for a TA transfer to take this long.
Phone up the TA unit, ask if you can come in personally to see the PSAO to see whether there is anything you can do to help speed things up. If you go in and are polite it will probably all happen quick smart

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