A little help please on this picture


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I bought this at an auction with my mum. I got it for 2 pounds and i think it has something to do with Avation it looks old.


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Looks like the old WWII shoulder flash from a RAF uniform
Its a badge the RAF wear i think maybe WW2 vintage and been updated since
It is an RAF shoulder title from 1940-50`s.
Remember my Dad`s old greatcoat having it on
Doubt it, there's thousands of 'em out there! They were reintroduced not too long ago.

Don't want to pour cold water on your collecting, but you probably paid a little over the odds for it too...


I would have thought some years before you got any return on your 'investment,' but seeing some of the transactions on eBay, (excluding those for utter repros, toys and plain 'junk'), you could probably turn it around next week - especially if you lie which they seem to have no concern about unless you are a major brand name organisation that has the money to take action. :wink:

I take it you are a junior collector?

Don't be dis-heartened by comments on here. Find an area that interests you, research it and start collecting.
As mantioned above, it is an arm badge from an RAF uniform (non-commissioned ranks only).

The bird represented is an albatross.

Unfortunately, it's not worth very much as there are many thousands on the market. However, badges like this can make a solid base for a themed collection. You could build on this with the many RAF badges but still keep it manageable as there are nowhere near as many RAF badges as Army for example.
It is an RAF shoulder badge but not the current one, i don't know when the eagle or albatross was phased out but it came back in the mid 90's

Dont know if that helps you



It's the RAF arm badge, as others here have stated.

This one is from the right shoulder of the uniform, as the albatri face backwards, so you could find a similar one where the bird faces the other way (for the left shoulder).

This one appears to be on a dark blue felt back ground, and so is probably early WWII. By 1944 most of them were printed on blue canvas instead as an economy measure. (these are some of the hardest to find today, yours is second most difficult).

In the early 1950's they went back to the embroidered style, but on a lighter blue background, the same colour as the uniform. I think that this is what they still use today.

So your badge is probably over 60 years old, and is a good place to start collecting. And £2 is quite reasonable for one from that period.

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