A little help please for x reggy jioning up for reserves in

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jimmyc, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Alright just j9ioned th9is site as im lookin for any and all info about how things are for x regular reservist that are volunteering for the 9.5 mth in Iraq .
    Is there any one here doing the same , hows the new pay struture , any cheap jewllery etc to be3 bought out there? did you rejion your old unit or go elsewhere , do you get any say in where you go / location or as in what unit you go to .Are reservist being put on front line ops? hows the leave ?

    n hows the equipment being issued to reservist ? should i bring a pair of desert boots myself ?
    Any other reservist being called up on here?

    Any help / advice appreciated ta
    ex regular , Kings regiment
  2. Ex KINGO? Looking to disappear for 9 and a half months?

    You on the run?
  3. LOL nah mate but ive already got suntan n all so i might as well go plus i was thinkin xmas be here soon n ill be skint if i stay here!
  4. Biscuits I owe you a drink.
    Still chuckling
  5. Very good mate, You'll more than likely get the new Magnum Desert Boots, some still get the ordinary Boot's though..

    Up to you and your personal preference, you'll be walkin in em, The new magnums are very comfy, but can't guarantee you'll get a pair, I have a U.S. pair of Altamas...

    As for the rest of the gear, ok mate...I'd get an Assault vest if you don't already have one...

    Reserves are being intergrated all over, There is a TA company going out to Basara Airport next year (including me) to do guard and patrols around there, our lads went out with 1 Chesire and 1 KINGS last year and the year before doing "front line" stuff if you will..:lol:
  6. The gear is getting guccier (is that a word ) as the tours go out the infantry now get desert sas smocks pretty good sun glasses
    and goggles .much better than the orgininal issuse one apart from assault vests daysac no real kit deficencys .Hopefully you should get a chance to vist a px which is ideal for cheap goddies .
  7. wow, Sas smocks eh...

    Won't be fcukin wearing it...:lol:
  8. assault vest ? seriously ? how can they possibly run short on these?

    Are the ones used there same as those in NI?
    think i may have one short of the plates
  9. Not body armour, assault vest as in Webbing....don't worry, you'll get armour..:lol:
  10. Ah right webbin got ya , what is it because they aint got much in desert DPM ? or just an onverall shortage?
  11. No mate, you just don't get them issued......only the regular waist webbing.....which is awkward if your in vehicles out there...
  12. Think io mayhave a set of para chest webbing from NI in the garage still so that ll do me, ta