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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by blasebloke, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Evening all

    The thread on Military forebears (good read) sparked my interest, as I am currently working on some family research. I’ve decided to cut my teeth on genealogy by starting with those of my family with military service first, as this interests me the most (ex-Army myself).

    I’ve found it to be time consuming to say the least, but rewarding. My research verified my father’s service in Suez which I suspected from old photos. I had the evidence then to apply for, and subsequently received his GSM with Suez clasp (17 years after he died).

    I’m looking at framing all the medals with some photo’s and the few metal/cloth badges that have survived. At the moment I have what I need for my Dad and my Granddad, after that I will start on my Great-Granddads service (RHA, SNCO/WO I’ve been led to believe. He was at the Somme; still much more to research and photos to request from relatives).

    I have been hoping to finish my research on my Grandfathers RA service record although there are a couple of Units/Loc's I've been unable to work out. I have had little luck with search engines in finding out what they are (I’m not that good with the tinternet, and my connection isn’t great):

    01/08/46 - 11/09/46 90 PTC, D Coy, Anyone know Loc for this at that time?
    11/06/52 - 24/07/52 Depot AA, Anyone know Loc for this at that time?
    25/07/52 - 11/06/58 Sco B RAL? Anyone know Loc for this and what the abbreviation means?

    Anybody able to throw some light on what these are? If not, any kind souls out there who could point me in the right direction? My Granddad is still around but he is no longer able to help with the research, sadly, he no longer recognises anyone.
  2. A couple of guesses, PTC is Preliminary Testing(Training) Centre where everybody enlisting went for assessment and kitting before being assigned to a regt or corps. This process was introduced in about 1942 but ended soon after the war. I believe there were several dotted around the country.

    AA (anti-aircraft) Depot is probably where he underwent training, the lack of a number suggests it was a 'one-off' establishment. Probably the survivor of the wartime AA Training Regiments.
  3. Primary Training Centre- wartime recruits were initially all badged General Service Corps and usually did their first 6 weeks of training at such a centre or in a primary training coy which was part of a larger training unit. They were disbanded from April 1948. Quite a bit about wartime and immediate post-war training here, specifically how things were organised at Norton Barracks near Worcester:


    A brief explanation here of how the system worked from July 1942:

  4. Thanks very much for your replies, has been very useful!
  5. About this time there was a sizeable AA/Searchlight and similar related activities/training at Blandford Camp in Dorset.

    My Uncle was there after the War, even the Yanks AAA trained/based there.

    Might be worth seeing it this was a location.
  6. 90 PTC was at Retford, Notts, according to this (near the bottom). The writer was RE, supporting the theory that PTCs weren't badged.
  7. Cheers for all the help, it's got me looking in the right places to finish off Granddad's research.