A little help clearing up FST

Ok so poped down to the AFCO today and expressed interest in joining the RA so I asked him a question that he didn't seem to know the answer to so I just moved on so here's my question, when you put down your trades for the RA you're interested in my main one would be OPA but is this the same role as Arty Observer? I am a little confused as Arty Observer is on the BA website but can't find any info on it any help would be lovely.
Yes - observation post assistant (OP ack) is an arty observer. The observation post being manned by the Forward Observation Officer (FOO) and OPAs.

If armoured, you'll trundle around in a Warrior OPV (until you dismount or they bring in something new).

If not, then it's on foot.

The FST (Fire Support Team) takes the OP crew and spices them up with more skills or more people (mortar controllers, forward air controllers and the like).

Doctrinally, I'm not sure whether it's been decided that the FST will replace the OP crew or whether it was just a role for a particular environment (HERRICK) that crews will pick up if necessary.

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