A little bit of perspective.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. They were never all bad. But the minority that are proper little tossrs make it seem like its us against them whatever the situation.
  2. Well done them, and a great initative.
  3. I think thats British!
  4. as someone who has lived and worked in the area for 20 odd years, i have to say there's generally a distinct lack of racial tension! And they're often the first group of people to jump in when something needs doing locally. Good on them!
  5. Simple acts of human kindness are a rare commodity these days, well done the boys at the mosque for starting the ball rolling.
  6. Yeah well done to the mosque.
  7. Good to see help from them and the Italians, question is where is the help from our closest allies? After all we sent them some compo after hurricane katrina :)
  8. I live in Leicester and my neighbours are a Muslim family.

    A more respectable, kind, friendly and generous family you would not find anywhere.

    They are also fiercely proud to be British

    Well done Evington Mosque.
  9. Maybe they are now closet allies now that phony tony has packed his bags and got himself a cushy job with them.
  10. Excellent. One wonders if the residents of Grays Avenue, Ashstead would feel the need to do something quite so public spirited.

    Of course they have their hands a little full right now......
  11. Personally I don't see why this mosque is being applauded for its actions. Isn't this how good citizens should respond in times of emergency regardless of their religious affiliation? I'm not surprised the BBC is reporting this given their PC culture. I do wonder had this been the action of another religious denomiation or cultural organisation, would it have merited any comment on the BBC site?
  12. There's no pleasing some people!
  13. Britcan Girl , do you want to point out where any of the posters on this thread have applauded them for being Muslims and doing this?

    Or do you want to point at the bit where they are being applauded , for thinking of others?

    The BBC mentioned they were Muslims, because the incentive came from a mosque.

    There are plenty of stories of good Christian works on the BBC, on another thread, someone made the point "Where are all the Charity Organisations"

    So what if they're Muslims? Unlike some of the Christian locals, who are hoarding and re-selling bottles of water at a 1000% markup , and pissing in potable water.


    Oh those ruthlessly PC BBC B*stards eh.
  14. I wasn't implying anything untoward in my post. The point I was trying to make is that it is the moral duty of all citizens to assist in these types of emergencies and that the actions of one group shouldn't be singled out as anything extraordinary. Re: my criticism of the BBC, I've always personally believed the BBC to be biased and also fundamentally anti-British. With regard to this particular article, it came across to me that the BBC's agenda was to highlight how wonderful the muslim community was in stepping up to help and that they're not all bad. It's somewhat condescending in a way to the mosque if viewed from that perspective.

    Just to clarify since I am new to this forum, I am not anti-muslim and my post wasn't intended to slight them or their initiative. I do hope more citizens get involved to help.