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my daughter just returned to Harrogate AFC after leave and completion of her first 6 weeks, she was fine right up until night before she had to go back then started questioning if she wanted to go back. After some talking she did on sunday but tonight a day after being back is saying her and all her friends are saying they dont want to be there and dont like it anymore, some understandable as it could take time to get them back into routine. Here is my dilema though, now she has free weekend's she wants to come home this weekend and with her current mindset i am concerned she may not go back, what would be the consequences if she didn't return? I feel in an awkward position as if i dont allow her permission to come home it will cause issues between me and her and she might do something drastic then which i dont want, but i also am not sure it's wise with her current mindset
Homesickness. It'll blast a recruit for up to a year. (I know, I suffered from it) Encourage her to remain and mix with her mates, it's for the best in the long run.


I never got that feeling until just before my DBR date/cut off, my old dad told me to stick at it or I might regret it. So I stayed.

If she's able to get back home with any sort of frequency then it might be easier for her to break up her time spent away from home and look at it that way, conversely why not suggest (or encourage) her to stay on camp for a weekend where she could be home (give her some spending money or something).

It's a case of her settling in OP...support and encouragement from her old dad will never go amiss.
Or go and meet her and her mates if distance / money is not too much of a problem?
It's normal, I know lads been in ten years and still bitch and moan on the Sunday night drive back to camp.
Phoning the training team just puts her on their radar though. She won't thank you for that one!
My Son is due to Pass Out of Harrogate in August and still hates going back on the Sunday Morning but when he gets there and starts having the craic with his mates he is fine. They are still very young and it'll take time for them to settle into Army life.

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Whilst on the subject of AFC, does anyone have any suggestions for a Pass Out Gift for a Junior Soldier joining the Royal Artillery ?

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Bags of encouragement and support, although trying to force her into staying is not an option, It was fairly common amongst the youngsters when we were the RAC training regiment, as I said encouragement and in no way being on the radar with the permanent staff is a bad thing, if they don't know they cannot help!
I'd also add, that they're feeling apprehensive about the future. It's natural. Tell her to hang in there.

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alot of it is due to now she feels she made the wrong choice in RLC supply, when she gets to phase 2 at RLC must she do supply or can she ask to be in another unit within RLC? Most of her friends who also opted for RLC now dont want to do it either
alot of it is due to now she feels she made the wrong choice in RLC supply, when she gets to phase 2 at RLC must she do supply or can she ask to be in another unit within RLC? Most of her friends who also opted for RLC now dont want to do it either
As i recall from reading what Sup rec and the Iron have put in the recruiting sections, it is in theory still possible to get a transfer of some sort, but it's not a 100% certainty that she'd get it.

A lot of blokes during my phase 1 years ago wanted out of the RLC after hearing stories from others, and the inevitable piss taking from other capbadges. I would say that they should give it a go first, as they don't know how they will personally find the job yet.
You should have been given the number for her Platoon commander. Talk to him/her and see if there is anything else such as one particular area of training that is worrying her. When I was Coy 2IC/OC at AFC I occasionally had to remind some of the Staff that these are not fully mature adults but still effectively children and things like homesickness can be more of an issue than one might think. Encourage her to persevere, it truly is a great place and produces soldiers of the highest quality in the end.
I used to get the feeling of doom every time I went back after leave, long after training. Nobody likes having their freedom taken away.

Try to make her see the big picture. Her current situation is temporary but she'll throw away an entire career if she fails to see it through.
I'm sure it's possible to switch trades at phase two, just needs to make her staff aware and get an oc's interview booked, just make sure she's got her reasons why all squared so when asked she can make her case.
thanks for the replys guys, once she has settled down a few days returning from weekend leave she is generally alot better, and i would support her choice either way but would definately much prefer she stays, there's nothing in civvie street for her like the life the army could provide, and i will say to her about trying to switch for phase 2 even if it's to another unit in RLC thats more suited to her as she likes the bomb disposal area in RLC
How did your daughter get on, the log spec trade is really diverse and the trade is significantly growing in numbers so promotion should be really quick for her. There is now the opportunity to serve in all manner of units now such as infantry and artillery not just RLC ones. Phase 1 and 2 changing of trades is only in extreme circumstances and is not always easy or accepted, let us know I will be interested, thanks

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