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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Badger-dude101, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys

    i'm currently in my first year at Southampton University studying History.

    When it came round to Freshers I really was interested in the OTC but I guess I pussied out a little bit... Was really nervous and ended up joining no societies.

    I plan to get myself fit for next year and to apply again during freshers (I take it it is too late now right?)

    I take it that second years are allowed to join from the post below...

    Does anyone know about the pay at Southampton? Has that been cut out?

    Thanks guys =]

  2. Last lines a giveaway

    The post should really read

    I've spent my student loan already, and through my alcoholic haze I seem to remember someone saying that the OTC get paid

    Bolloxs its too late for this year so I'll ask if I can join next year.

    Best read the post about the OTC being binned, methinks you are too late. Oh well back to sperm donation and living on beans

    edited for mong ptyping
  3. Actually, if you look at my other posts they were a year or so ago in another OTC thread asking about the OTC in Durham (which I was looking into but decided Soton was a better uni)

    Also posted on another forum and was told they pay situation goes back to normal.

    I want the experience, not the money. But the money would be nice aswell.

    I've actually just been paid my bursary and i'm safe money wise... except that i'm missing a grand due to a SLC cock up.

    But yeah, I showed interest well before comming to uni.
  4. So go and see the OTC and show interest to them; you've only missed a semester, they might be running another intake, you won't know till you ask.
  5. Do you think it's worth waiting till September to get my fitness up to par?

    Not overweight or unfit... I'm roughly 5 foot 9, I weigh something between 11.0-.5 stone.

    Also, other than the pay cuts is there any chance the OTC will be wiped away completely now?
  6. Badgerdude,

    In similar situation as you, missed the intake this year and looking to join next year coming. Don't know an awful lot about OTC selection but before Uni I applied for Sandhurst but failed at mainboard so I know roughly what selection is like.

    They wont care whether you've got 'twig arms' or a 'huge chest', all they'll care about is that you are able to do 44 pressups (Military pressups) in 2 minutes and 50 situps in 2 mins, plus be able to mile and a half in under 10.30, though you'll most likely be doing that in the form of a shuttle run (i.e. bleep test) where you have to reach a score of 10.2 (though really you should be able to do better than this).

    It doesn't matter if you've had no prior weapon handling. And it doesn't really matter what your background is, i.e. if you're good enough they'll let you in. And yep I believe that OTC members are no longer paid, though tbh the government is talking about shutting down OTC altogether so would be lucky if it's still around next year.

    Hope some of that's helped
  7. I am currently in first year of the OTC, and our selection weekend was nothing like what's been said, all we had to do physically was run a 1.5 mile in under 14 minutes, but they would still consider you even with a time of 16 minutes! We also had to do command tasks which were a little bit physical but they were definitely manageable by everyone. I had no prior experience with anything military, which doesn't matter as you learn everything from the basics! 2nd years are fine to join up too, I think the only rule with that is that you have 2 years left of your course. Hope that helps.

  8. Huge chest, you'll be fine....oh wait, you're a bloke?
  9. Did you? How wrong you are...
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  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You could also join one of your local TA units.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    As it was all wrong, probably not.
  13. Snake_Doc's got it right, as far as my experience goes (training team for last year's first year intake at an OTC Oop Norrth) - they won't break you on your very first selection weekend, but showing that you're already fit is a good place to start. You'll perhaps have up to a couple of months before having a crack at the full PFT.

    Everyone starts from the same place in terms of weapon handling etc, so not having been an uber keeno army cadet before won't have done you any harm. That said, ex-cadets can be helpful as long as they have a bit of humility, are willing to help others out and don't run around gobbing off about 'that's how we did it in cadets'.

    Rich kids' club? I don't know about that. I'm from a similar background to yourself in terms of parental support. The few ex- public school folk here are all very down to earth, but I guess it all depends on the university background, such as Tayforth's troop from St Andrews or the rare Oxbridge students who actually end up in CUOTC or OUOTC along with all the UEA and Oxford Brooks kids. If you really feel you can't cope with the rah-rah-pony brigade then you might try your luck at a TA unit, but remember that well-spoken public school individuals surface in every walk of life, including officers' messes. Anyone worth their salt, in or out of the OTC, will know that it's personality and not background that matters.

    Edited due to grammatical OCD
  14. Heya bud,
    You can join at any time you like, some units might tell you to wait, but waste no time in getting involved. Don't worry about fitness, it is totally jack in OTC's anyway! Only oneofficer cadet and the CO passed they're 1.5 miler in my unit! Just get down there and get stuck in, and don't worry about your boob size ;)
  15. You must have joined a crap outfit then! I've come over from the TA Inf and a few biffs aside I have been thoroughly impressed by my OTC. It sounds like it's your type of OTC that gives the others a bad rep! :x