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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by s0nn1, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. I am in 3rd of 5 years at university in Scotland and I am looking for advice on joining TA as an officer or regular? I have read that TA is too top heavy but I have also read that it is short of Young Officers and so I ask your opinion. I am looking at a transport squadron, so if anyone could tell me the required fitness level I would also be grateful. I am considering regular service after studies but I am undecided, and the TA would be a good chance to see if military life suits me.

    Thanks and sorry for sounding like a t*sser, please feel free to ask any questions
  2. Did you mean "TA as an officer or soldier" or "joining as an officer, TA or regular"? I read it as the former so will crack on that way.

    It isn't that the TA is particularly "top heavy" - it is that it is quite middle-light and that there are very few mobilisation opportunities for senior TA ranks (outside the medics). With the growing (not yet official) emphasis on mobilised service as the sole reason for being in the TA, this means that there is a bit of a disconnect between a TA lance-jack with 3 op tours and his CSM or OC who possibly still haven't done any.

    The TA is definitely short of junior officers and there are mobilisation opportunities for them - probably even in role.

    However, in your officer / soldier calculation, you need to figure out how much time you can commit - if you join now as a DETAPO, you are unlikely to be much out of your training (initial then RMAS then Arm) before 5th year, at which point you ought to be concentrating on your degree. If you join as a Tom, you should be able to get things done somewhat faster. It really depends what you want to do.

    Watch out for the bites from the infanteers - but you have the same basic minimum standard as the other corps. I am assuming you are a bloke (50/50) and under 29: 1.5 miles in under 10 1/2 mins, 44 press-ups and 50 sit-ups - 2 minutes each. And the CFT(TA) - 6 miles in 90mins, carrying 15kg - going up (or may have already) to 8 miles in 2 hrs.

    Crack on - you may even get a great civvie job and stay in the TA. You may also want to look at the OTC which is definitely student friendly ...
  3. You've not mentioned which Uni you are at but you may well have missed the boat for recruiting at the OTC this year Edinburgh has definitely completed this year. Joining next year as a 4th year student with only 2 years left does not make you an attractive proposition in the current climate.

    That being said if you go to a TA unit you can work towards a TA commission on the TASO scheme where you will train with an OTC which should fit in with studies