A little advice please.....?


A while back, to my eternal shame I went along to an RCB (wanted to be a squaddie but parents kept calling me cannon fodder and mum kept crying about where she'd gone wrong so seemed like a suitable compromise at the time) and rather surprisingly failed.

Now considering they don't give you a great deal of feedback (my letter simply said "No discernable leadership qualities"), I thought a professional opinion might clear things up for me.

As I see it, there are 4 possible options that could have affected my sucessful application and these are:

1)When asked which form of leadership was best I said Meritocratic rather than Autocratic.

2)When asked how you would make decisions as an officer in a situation you've never seen before, I said draw on training and ask the men as they have more experience than me and know what they're doing.

3)When asked what we should do about asylum seekers hijacking planes to come over to UK (was in the "current affairs" section), I said for god's sake don't send them back by plane!

4)And finally when on exercise whilst a fellow candidate was jumping from the top of a ladder that wouldn't reach, held by a rope at some distance, to the top of a corrugate iron wall, I shouted "Be careful!"

Any clues to my sad demise would be greatly appreciated.... :(
What_now? said:
Any clues to my sad demise would be greatly appreciated.... :(

Your a tw@t just top youself.


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Waaaaaa En-kerr
Many moons ago, we had a chap fail OTC selection because he started crying during a command task because no one would listen to him. When he was binned he still didn't understand why. Was that you?
Unfortunately, you do indeed appear to have no discernible leadership qualities. Furthermore, you seem to be overly cautious, timid and lacking in self confidence.
A career in the military may not be for you.
Have you thought about the RAF?


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schweik said:
What_now? said:
"No discernable leadership qualities"

I can think of a number of others with that disability who were not held back in their glittering careers as a result of it ...

Don't you DARE bring Blair or Jackson into this! :threaten:
Have you tried the police?

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