A little advice please


I am looking for some advice and as I wasn't too sure where to. I originally posted this in the Officers forum and someone kindly suggested someone in here might be able to help.
I am in my second year of RD and I have been medically downgraded. I have had an injury for the last year which has still to be properly diaognosed. My appointments seem to be so far apart (anywhere between 6 weeks and 3 months) that I am getting nowhere with getting fit again, which has already meant me missing out on one operational deployment.
Now for the advice part please...is there anyway that I can push the Army/MOD to try and get me sorted out quicker? Up to three months between appointments seems a little long even on NHS waiting lists, especially as I have yet to even have a confirmed diaognisis of the problem.
This has been going on now since early 06 and although the various Docs and Consultants have said the problem is difficult to diaognos, because it is around the pelvic region, I would hope for beter than this in civvie street. I would have pushed for something to to be done but I am not sure who to go to.
More than anything I just want to get fit, but if this goes on for much longer I'll be doing my return of service and getting out.
I'd be grateful for any advice, so thanks in advance.

excuse the ignorance, but what is RD?

6 wks to 3 months on an NHS waiting list is fast for them

Ill PM you

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