A List of all the bad things labour have done in 7yrs!!!

They promoted a certain RHA Major to Lt Col and gave him his own train set....for which we must never forgive them! Iraq? Ah well, boys will be boys...
Queensman said:
I just thought it might be interesting to blow some life into these embers...fcuk me! There are some Labour voters out there in ARRSE land.
Thanks QM, i forgot about this thread. should make for some interesting additions.
Traded British Lives at Dogwood to support a foriegn presidental election.
Gave pay raise to greedy fireman, then****ed the troops who wern't able to train for a war, as the were manning Fire engines.
Forced troops to go into battle without adequate kit, forced troops to use 1950's equip in fire strike as Fire Brigade said troops couldn't use tax payers property to fight fires.
Dispanded regiments and downsized us, then said we would be better off with less tours?????
Sold us out in Ireland.

Rant over
I did my time(9 years) in the cold war era(78 to 87).At that time the only foreign vehicle in the army was merc unimog.Now we have no Scammell/Antar(we now have oshkosh),Bedford(Daf),Landrover 101(pinzgauer),landrover(soon to be Merc 250GD).We nearly had the Leclerc/Leopard instead of Chally.Health and safety now rules the army.Clansman took over from larkspur(and clansman was 10 years out of date when we got it).Now comes Bowman(which is the same).I feel sorry for the guys now serving(we had some crap) but got more crap to put up with.
1. For having T Bliar as leader.

2. For having GB as chancellor.

3. For 67 tax hikes

4. For lying about Iraq.

5. For lying about EU constitution

6. Millenium Dome

7. For failing to convert tax increases (see point 3) into improved public services.

8. For being profoundly undemocratic - ie abolished the Upper House before implemeting, or even designing, a replacement, introducing a postal voting system so open to abuse it is a laughing stock in such bastions of democracy as Serbia(!), not to mention their routinely ignoring parliamentary democracy whenever it suited them to do so (PMQ - Hague to good vs Bliar)

9. For implementing proper democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq whilst doing the above.

10. For buying votes by giving 'tax credits' etc (ie 2.7 million people are now long term sick, as opposed to unemployed!)

11. For trying to chummy up with Pres Chirac, then being surprised when being taken up the arrse by said person it said persons convenience. (Which was, almost amusingly, at the least convenient moment for TB).

12. For deploying the armed forces on no less than 5 occasions (Kosovo, Macedonia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq) whilst simultaneously cutting the defence budget and manpower.

13. For doing the above whilst having TCH as Sec Def.

14 For TCH (again!) - longest serving and least effective Sec Def EVER. By his own testomony, even though he is head of the government department responsible for defence of the country and its interests, he has 'no responsibilities' (or words to that effect).

15. For the foxhunting ban - ignoring the for and againsts, there were a lot more important things the government should have done with most of the 100 hours they wasted talking about this. Bliar could have got this through years ago. He chose to waste the time on foxhunting, as it conveniently hid things not happening in government (ie increased waste).

16. For them simultaneously ruining the private pension system, eroding public servants pensions (coz they now have so many of them they can't afford all the pensions anymore) whilst giving themselves a pension increase so big, that taxpayers are now paying even more to the greedy, useless tw@ts for their pension. (Which is also, you will not be surprised to hear, is the best in the country - bar none!)

17. For not being 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'. (I am still amazed that people actually believed that one!)

18. For not sorting out the education system.

19. For allowing immigration to run out of control.

20. For turning on the civil servants brave enough to blow the whistle on bad government policy reference immigration.

21. For labeling everyone who disagreed with them as racist (or whatever other ist best fitted).

22. For failing to provide more NHS dentists. (TB promised this would be sorted by 2001).

23. For fuel taxes (which, if the current increasing trend continues, might fill a lot of GBs tax deficit).

24. For telling us how to live, whilst visibly doing the exact opposite.. IE Two jags (more of which shortly) telling people to use their cars less and then using his for a 250 yard journey. What about the families minister who one year exorted mothers out to work and the next berated them as bad mothers if they did so!

25. Corruption - nuff said

26. For Two Jags - probably the most ineffective minister in living memory. Famously banned road development, to great uproar, only to have re-introduce it 3 years later. Not to mention current proposals to force various parts of the south east to build homes. This has already involved the over-ruling of local planning agencies. So much for democracy then!

27. For ignoring their own historic moral values - ie introduction of relaxed drinking and gambling laws, which will most certainly adversely affect their traditional voters - but will benefit big business. (Who said it was only the Tories who did that then?)

28. For spin. 'Nuff said.

29. For introducing the European Charter for Human Rights. A more flawed piece of legislation (which, for example, allows gypsies to build what they want where they want, but not house dwelling, law abiding citizens) it is impossible to imagine.

30. For introducing the Social Charter - much the same as above.

31. For increasing red tape top the detriment of most businesses (except, I suspect, Health and Safety ones).

As it is late, I will leave this for now, and return later. This rant is NOT over! (Incidentally, my position on Neu Arbeit is thus - anybody claiming to be left of centre is merely a very spoken communist, making sure the general public cannot detect this).
Nicely put that man! :D
John Keegan in today's Telegraph (on website but registration required) has an article "Why is Labour saying nothing about our Armed Forces?"

Interesting piece, but I can hardly believe that Keegan of all people is the latest of a long list of commentators to perpetuate the myth that NATO offensive operations in Bosnia took place during Mr Blair's government.

Sir John Keegan said:
It has fought no fewer than five wars, in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq, the latter a full-blown all-arms campaign.
Further to my last entry on this thread -

32. For the complete absence of defence policy in their election manifesto - this from the party which has been the most bellicose government in memory!

33. For pretending we are voting for Bliar, when we are actually voting for Gordon Brown. (I shudder to think how much worse life for the military will get once that to55er is Primeminister - it just isn't funny).

34. For changing the NHS from a place you get better into a place you get even worse diseases, which you then (most inconveniently for this govt) die from, a la the 2 day old baby in East Anglia about 3 weeks ago, to name the most recent high profile case).

35. For the 32 year old Neu Arbeit MP on Radio 5 yesterday stating that the tax increases had delivered the improvements promised. (Not where I've been living since 97, which includes Cambridge, S Wales, Gloucester and Lincolnshire - I can therefore be said to have a pretty broad range of experience!) If challenged this would be changed from a lie (my belief) to it was an overstatement on his part of what has been achieved (his defence, if I could get to ask him directly in the first place).

36. For the laughing stock of Europe this government proudly calls our 'road transport system'.

37. For the chaos and misery inflicted on Rail travellers courtesy of this government.

38. For raising the rights of criminals all around the country over the rights of their victims. (A mission 20 years and more in the making).

39. For not punishing the same criminals on the rare occassion they are actually caught.

40. For turning law abiding citizens into potential criminals because a: It is a lot easier than catching and convicting real criminals (see point 39) and b: they almost always pay. (Those ingrates, the real criminals are SO unappreciative, they use EVERY legal trick given them to avoid fines, as well as prison!)

41. For being an apparently left wing government that actually repeals the long held freedoms of this country (ie ID cards), having said before they got into power that they would NEVER do so. (You will not be surprised to discover that our glorious leader, Tony Bliar, said that when he was in opposition!)

42. For claiming to be 'economically competent' when they have presided over the economy in such a way as to ruin the pension systems (see point 16 in previous entry), building up a public finance deficit and lying about it, losing 850,000 manufacturing jobs (which bring money into the economy) and creating 1 million more public sector (but not armed forces!) jobs, which actually costs the economy money - ie make it inefficient. Our economy is now growing at a slower rate than any other EU country. (It was the fastest growing in 97). And this is economic competence?

But, the thing that most annoys me about Neu Arbeit is that Joe Public just doesn't see it. Even thought they know they cannot trust them, that this government lies, cheats, steals and is totally morally corrupt (1 of quite a few corruptions), the electorate look set to re-elect them.

If it wasn't so serious, it would be laughable. I wouldn't be toys of this lot of cheating scumbags on a car boot sale. If Tony Blair told me the time, or day, I would check it! (I am not joking). Am I the only person who sees this?

If all goes as I suspect it will, TCB will win the election by a comfortable margin, within 18months Gordon Brown will be Primeminister and watch things go to rat shit then. (Explosion of public deficit, rising inflation, housing market crash - I believe all this and more will happen.

Dunno about the rest of you, but come 6 May, I suspect I will be looking for employment abroad. If anyone has info on emigrating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or USA, please PM me - I will be most interested, not mention very grateful.
Believing "modernisation" has to mean the ridicule, the destruction and the abandonment of tradition, history and anything old.
Appointing Margaret Hodge as the Minister for Children despite her presiding over institutionalised paedophilia as leader of Islington Council.
Nursery nurses on strike.
Primary schools in meltdown.
Secondary pupils qualifications worthless.
Tertiary education 50% student drop out;
40% university courses criticised by inspectorate.

Better treatment for N.H.S. patients.
MRSA My local hospital is the worst in Scotland.
Staff shortage and overstrtch.
Not enough dentists.
Cheers ken, i take it you got my email


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