A List of all the bad things labour have done in 7yrs!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Lets make a list of all the bad things that labour have done over the last 7yrs so that we can all think of it on the day before the election next yr.

    1. Lied to us about the reason for going into Iraq (although i think we still should have)

    2. Sleaze: See hindujas, Mandelson.P, Ecclestone, B. Falconio,P (carol caplins ex convict hubby) etc etc.....

    3. Selling us out to the Europeans: European army, european constitution, human rights court, international criminal court etc etc...

    4. 67 tax increases since they came into office...8O :evil:

    5. How many wars since they came in to power??? (6 at my count...)

    6. Backstabbing of the armed forces that serve the country (chopping the blackwatch whilst they risk their lives in the desert??) :evil:
    the list goes on and on and on.

    Lets compile a huge list and remind people of how BAD they actually are!!!!

    agent smith
  2. Potentially big list,

    will start thinking......education, hospitals, police, Foot & mouth,....
  3. The recruiting of a criminal to head up the Treasury. criminal Record: Refusing to pay Poll Tax. can't remember HER name.

    Receint sleeze, our dubious leader and his "flats" in Bristol.
  4. Rather than attempt to enumerate the endless examples which could be used to answer the above question, I shall merely paraphrase the noble Lord Blackadder' s reply to Baldrick's question:

    'What have I done wrong, my Lord?'

    'You exist, Baldrick! You simply exist where another, more worthy example of single celled life would be so much more appropriate!'
  5. Allow immigration to spiral out of control :evil:
    Sorry nearly swore then. Screwed the whole nation on pensions so most will now have to work another 5 years minimum. :cry:
    Slashed the forces budget and man power will increasing the tours.

    I'll stop and let someone else have a go.
  6. The Milennium Dome. Originally a very bad cross-party idea made immeasurably worse by New Labour posturing.
  7. 1.Existing
    10. Existing

  8. 45 minute claim re WMD's and the whole case for the invasion of Iraq

    Going to War without a post conflict plan

    Cash / Donations leading to contracts - allegedly (MoD contracts, Treasury Systems, NHS IT Contracts....)

    Cash for passports - the hinduja affair

    Mandelson.P, - undeclared loans to buy a nice flat / house in Nottinghill

    Ecclestone, B. - huge donations to labour party for F1 favouratism

    Falconio,P (carol caplins ex convict boyfriend) deal brokering for cut prices on the bristol flats

    Jack Straws son being lifted for Drunk and Disorderly + cannabis offenses

    Blind Pughes extra marital affair

    John Prescott brawling +2 jags fiasco

    67 tax increases since they came into office...

    Electoral fraud and incompetance - postal voting anybody?

    Huge financial waste of the devolved parliaments and their added layers of beauracracy and stupidity

    Huge increase in civil servants for no sane reasons other than job creation

    Massive influx of "Special Advisers" to spin and re-release old news and tarnish people reputations and livelihoods.

    Browns raid on Pension schemes - approx £7-10 billion a year being taken from them via tax

    Immigration fiascos - ongoing at a port / airport near you.

    Rather than raising standards ensuring that everything is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator so that no-one is "victimised"

    Millenium dome
  9. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The handling of the hunting with hounds debate and the despicable way that they want to bypass the House of Lords. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. Continually appeased/surrendered to Irish fascists under the guise of the "Peace" agreement.

    Allowed Mo Mowlem tv air time.

    Taxed fuel to a level that nearly started another general strike.
  11. Letting the young think using drugs is OK by virtually allowing the use of cannabis to go unpunished.

    Not allowing the police and courts to effectively deal with criminals
  12. Child support agency, child tax credit, working tax credit, Top up fees, 80+ top up to pension (25 pence a week), hunting, mental incapacity bill, civil partnership, gender recognition, proposed merging of VE and VJ day, contracting abroad, non penalty clauses in multi-corporation contacting outside UK........

    I'm sure I’ll think of more....

    Beebs x
  13. Banning pistols and revolvers.


    Gun crime through the bloody roof!

    Re Blind Pugh, what the fcuk is a blind man doing as Home Secretary presiding over sighted sports?
    Makes me wonder how he pulled that bint from the Spectator.
  14. Ken Livingston :evil:
  15. 500+ million pound spent on the Scottish Parliament...

    13 billion + being spent on the NHS IT service...

    Jack Straw shaking hands with Robert Mugabe...

    Turning Britain into a welfare state full of mincers...

    Destruction of British culture in favour of the 'multicultral' and other unpleasent tribes (chavs, mincers, beckham wannabes, *bling-blingers* etc)...

    Increase in the homeless + drugs, violent crime, gun crime....