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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and gents - i've put a board up giving a link to the current petition regarding SSAFA and their planning application to provide a place for families to stay while their loved ones attend re-hab in Headley Court.

    I know alot of people who use SL spend alot of time elsewhere in the world. If you want a copy of the board to put up where you can, let me know.

  2. Yup me please.
  3. I'll change the permissions on the ones on the island so that its copyable and modifyable - then you can do what you like with it.
  4. Many thanks for this Boney :)

    Is this the first petition in SL?

    Is there any other way this can be broadcast, without 'spamming' in Sl , so to speak?
  5. If anyone owns land or property they can put a sign up. If anyone is mates with someone who owns a popular area on SL they could ask to put up a sign - otherwise its spamming. A sure fire way to have your SL account suspended is to be reported as a spammer.
  6. Cheers Boney re copy and mod, will pick one or two up later.

    IM'd on SL regarding sign - surely there is nothing stopping us advertising it in Events, tis after all an Event? :D That way its listed and gets a wider audience...
  7. Well, the public planning commitee meeting on the 1st August will be a public event, and available on the WWW via webcam live too....
  8. Well it is possible to advertise both as events, there is an Event listing on Search - with daily weekly events. (timings etc)
  9. Got message on SL Boney. thats a bastard! Still nothing to stop us (as Im doing now) a notecard (as an inventory item) and dropping it to the owners of brit groups/brit mil/brit mil walting groups on SL, is there?

    Ive PM'd PTP and asked for the 'official' line for the notecard with linky to petition and website? er..not this one obviously.

    I can cover about...hmmmmm...20 groups with owners I actually know, (mind I have no issue with dropping it to group owners I dont know) Ive also poked Mr H and said I'll drop him the notecard :roll: who doesnt he know!!.

    Going to take copy now of your board and stick it on the sim I play on, will also group notice those associated with that sim (attach the notecard), and ask them to pass on the notecard to any UK citizens they know.

    Anything else I should add to notecard?
  10. Oh whilst on the subject of events, couldnt we advertise a clothing sale in the PRI.......and stick thePetition board in there?? Mr H..has clothes....

    That way it covers the rules about Event advertising.... *grins*
  11. I'll re-read the event rules - which are extensive believe me. The rules also state that anyone breaching them "will have disciplinary action taken against them". Its like going through daily orders - and i'm not doing a stint of ROP's, not even for a cause this good.
  12. Have the sale as a fund raiser each item of clothing could come with a note card explaining about the petition subtle advertising :D
  13. The lands group owned and we can call it a 'discussion', just needs a host :D

    erm..edited to add, I've had disciplinary action (guilt by association), it wasnt a warning it was a suspension, sooooooooo just incase Mr H, looks like you are hosting!! :D