A lil' RASP help please?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BWsamwatt, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. I'm currently ploughing writing a RASP for LF2 on the DCCT, I'm pretty certain that I've smashed my other 3, however AOSP 1 and Pam 21 are being really useful in helping me write this one. I know for a fact that there are some of you SASC punters floating about....Any chance of a pointer or two?
  2. BW, I'll send you some of mine tomorrow as examples.

    On that note, I am currently writing one for Otterburn and if anybody could send me the finer details, nearest med centre, phone numbers etc, then it would save me some time trying to find out once I am there (last minute dot com).

  3. Cheers Parky_boy. Have you got the new generic template? They've changed quite alot recently, mainly the order of the headings, but there are a few additions.
  4. Otterburn standing orders (which will be one of your references surely) and other pubs from Ottorburn training area (more than likely other references in your RASP/EASP) will be of great help. But i am sure you have obtained these bits of paper and scanned through them prior to Copy and Pasting your RASP. :D

    They also contain handy numbers to ring who can help you with anything you having difficulty with.
  5. Cancel my last, DS has just told me to write it as a 25m live RASP. Must be the bribe of the other 3 i handed in instead of just 1. cheers anyways fellas.