A lifetime at the front of the NHS Queue?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Be good if the Tories stick to their word
  2. The thought of any politician sticking to their words does not compute old boy!

    There was a young lad on GMTV this morning, discharged 3 years ago with a GSW who has just received the princely sum of £1100 for his trouble.

    Thank heavens there is such loyalty towards wounded troops from our political masters..

    I'm quiet moved to tears by it all don't you know (Sniffle)
  3. Oh yes, that's going to happen.

    On a more serious note, this would be difficult to implement. Any medical system without virtually limitless resources must prioritise assessment and treatment on clinical grounds. Whilst this would appeal to me personally, I'd probably think differently if my desperately ill wife/child/relative were to be bumped down a list so some service person could get their ingrowing toenail done on a day that suited them.

    For veterans, my take on this would be to shake up the war pensions system and instigate more rigorous enforcement of the (already extant) treatment regulations.

    For serving personnel, more effort needs to be made on the Regional Rehab units and, quite simply, joined up thinking on medical admin between units and medical providers. At least they've scrapped the Y list now. Thank God!
  4. War Pensioners have long been entitled to NHS priority for treatment of the condition for which they receive their pension. Rather restrictive, but some veterans should be benefiting from it.

    However, as the British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) has pointed out in recent media interviews, most NHS staff are ignorant of this rule.

    BAFF has not as yet been able to identify ANY NHS Trust or Board which has taken specific steps to remind their staff of the rule.

    Anyone with relevant info good or bad can send it to campaigns@baffhq.co.uk (remove spaces in email address).
  5. I think the idea of families not losing their place on NHS waiting lists due to a unit move is a very good thing. Not so sure about the rest it would depend on what they were intending to allow them to queue jump for. As said earlier on the thread you have to maintain the status quo (or rather improve on the current one) of the most serious cases being seen first.
    Maybe if they prioritise within each group ie serious forces personnel, serious, civilian, routine personnel, routine civilian. Either way it will have opposition I am sure
  6. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Why not be able to jump queues, people who have served should be rewarded as such, maybe even the governement paying for private treatment where needed.
  7. A chance to re-balance the 'x-factor' that has been slowly eroded over the last 10 yrs?

    I would put money on half of them being quietly dropped on grounds of funding.