A License to Shoot Burglars

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Beerhunter, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. I'd willingly pay for a licence to shoot one. I assume they wouldn't let you take more than a brace at one go. Like that chap the other week.

  2. A Pikieskin rug would look nice in front of the woodburner....... covered in ginger fur and badly spelled tattoos, it would look like a dislexyic orang- utan from a distance, but it would give you a warm feeling you would not be harming a species whose extinction you would miss.
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  3. As the government banned fox hunting shooting burglars would be much more fun & would greatly reduce the crime statistics!
  4. Problem is you would end up with basac and the like trying to breed pikeys
  5. More likely that shooting syndicates would just buy sink estates Cheaper than agricultural land and a lot less useful.
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  6. Great idea..... there wouldn't be a closed season.

    Who gives a shit about allowing them to breed?
  7. You could sit a sort of test on their habits, and then show that you were able to at least wound one.
  8. Essex & Liverpool have that already sewn up..
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  9. Their hides are so thick, a cutting remark wouldn't work.

    A pick- axe handle studded with 6" nails is the least weapon that would be effective.
  10. The only predator they have at the moment is the benefits fraud squad.
  11. We need to create a Cordyceps for them.

    They usually control insects in jungles that have no predators and get a bit too numourous.